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.Cullen knew he had no right to interfere, but he couldn’t help himself.He stormed inside the room full of unrighteous indignation.He grabbed Doc’s arm and pulled his wrist away from Mika’s mouth.“He needs blood to heal, Cullen.”“He needs my blood.”“You’ll get no argument from me,” Doc said calmly.He moved away to let Cullen take his place.Cullen glanced up and saw Doc wink at Abbi and give her a thumbs-up.Cullen’s frown disappeared.He’d been hoodwinked—and he really didn’t care.* * * *Whatever painkiller Doc had given him had really worked.And fast.Mika just hoped that it wouldn’t put him to sleep because he really needed to talk to Cullen.Through his pain he had felt Cullen’s presence in his head.At first he thought it was all part of his fantasy, but when he woke up in the infirmary, he knew it had been real.The vampire had rescued him.More than that, he’d been able to find him because he heard Mika in his head.They had a connection.A real connection and Mika could not let Cullen go without exploring it.At the very least, he wanted to thank Cullen for rescuing him again.The man was a hero, not a traitor.The drugs made Mika sleepy, but he forced himself to stay awake.Suddenly, he felt himself being lifted and shifted until his back was leaning against a familiar chest.Cullen?Shh.You need to feed.You can hear me?Of course.All symbionts can mindspeak.Mika started bawling like a whelp.Cullen went stiff.Am I hurting you?No.I’m just happy.Then take my blood, baby, and get strong so we can figure out some stuff.Like where we’re going to live…Toby?Is confined to his cabin, and waiting to find out if your alpha is going to banish him from the pack.Wow, banishment was the worst punishment a wolf could get.But Toby deserved it.Stop thinking so much.A strong arm slid around Mika and the vein in Cullen’s wrist pulsed in sweet invitation.The thirst was like a living thing inside Mika and he sank his teeth into Cullen’s flesh gratefully.Spicy vampire blood poured into his mouth.Mika drank eagerly and each swallow seemed to make him stronger.This was real, and it confirmed the blood-bond between them.His cock filled and ached for attention.Cullen’s free hand fisted it and Mika’s dick throbbed at the welcome attention.How did he know…A mate knows these things.Cullen started to stroke in earnest, and Mika withdrew his teeth, lapped at the puncture wounds, and leaned back to enjoy the ride.Now Cullen could use that hand to give some attention to Mika’s balls.His lover must have heard because his hand found its way to Mika’s groin and fondled his sensitive sac.Cullen stroked and tugged, and Mika felt very close to an orgasm.His balls drew up and the fire in his belly sent sparks shooting everywhere.God, it felt good.Thick strands of cum started shooting—Holy hawkfeathers!Mika’s spasms stopped and he realized his mistake.Uh…sorry.Cullen laughed in his head and squeezed his dick.It’s okay.But only in mindspeak.Thank you.I owe you one.No, baby.I get pleasure just watching you come.I love you.Mika’s heart stopped.You love me?Read my mind.THE ENDWWW.GALESTANLEY.NETABOUT THE AUTHORGale Stanley was born and raised in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love.She writes romantic stories because she believes the world needs more love and happy endings.It’s the best job in the world—and she doesn’t mind living vicariously through the smokin’ hot alphas she loves to write about.For all titles by Gale Stanley, please visitwww.bookstrand.com/gale-stanleySiren Publishing, Inc.www.SirenPublishing.com [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]