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."So what are you doing in Olney?"He laughed."I was really in the area to try to work things out with a contractor.I thought I'd stop in to check your operation out."I nodded."So what do you think?""It doesn't disappoint," he said with a slow smile.That moment seared itself into my memory; Daniel leaning on his Ford truck as he stared at me with his handsome face and captivating eyes.I committed all of the colors around us to memory."So tell me.Did you enjoy the competition?"My smile faltered as I looked out in the distance.How could I be honest without sabotaging any interest he might have in me? I decided to be honest with few details."I really enjoyed it.I very much enjoyed it.But this here, this is my real life.I am so glad to be here now."He nodded at that."I understand that perfectly."My smile returned at those words.He then opened the door to his truck and sat down."So are you still living here?"I happily shook my head."No.I'm renting a house out in town near a pond.It makes for such great landscapes for painting."His smiled widened."That's right.You are an artist."I shrugged."Yeah, when I'm not killing hogs that is."He laughed out loud.He then sobered a bit as he looked out his windshield.It looked like he was thinking about something.In the end, he sighed and looked at me."I have to get back on the road now.Long drive."I nodded at that."Okay.We'll be there on Friday.""I'll have the funds wired to your father's account within the next couple of days."I shrugged, not wanting to gloss over business stuff."But yes.You'd better be there, Miss McCoy."Butterflies rushed my stomach and my heart skipped a few beats."I'll be there."He then leaned forward and pulled his wallet out."Here's my business card.Keep that safe."I smiled as I took it from his hands."I will.""See you Friday.""You will."He then put his sunglasses on and turned his truck on.After a wave, he drove off.I stared at the dust trail he left behind for a couple of minutes before turning around and heading back to my father's house.They were all waiting for me in the kitchen.Ignoring them, I grabbed my keys off the counter along with my cell phone and purse."Oh, no," said Arnold."Where do you think you are going? You owe us some answers before you take off, missy!"Still, I slowly walked towards the front door, never showing them my back."Uh.what do you want to know?""I would love to know how well you know this guy.I want to know why you neglected to mention him."I stopped as those were reasonable questions."I met him the very first day of the competition.He mentioned his work; I mentioned mine.He mentioned the hog problem at his reservation and asked if we could help.I didn't want to turn the business away so I gave him my business card."Tim laughed at that."Good to know, but that's not what we asked.Why didn't you mention him before?"I sighed as I stared at the ceiling for a few seconds before looking at them again."With all of the.Trevor stuff that I was trying to put behind me, I kind of forgot him."Arnold nodded at that."Still, that was quite the spill you took in the office when you heard he was outside."I rolled my eyes as they shared the information with Tim who guffawed like a hyena."What can I say? He made an impression on me."My dad wasn't laughing as much."Does he have any inclination that you and Trevor were.an item?" he carefully asked.I sighed again and deflated."No," I said with a shake of my head."I don't want him to know about that.not yet.Can you guys keep that between us?"They shrugged at that which I took as a yes.My dad grabbed his own keys and went for the side door before turning to face me one more time."Well, it is safe to say that you made an impression on him too.He didn't drive all this way for hogs, Lauren."My face flushed at that and butterflies took off in my belly."Can we not talk about Daniel anymore? The.personal aspect of him, I mean?"Tim and Arnold looked at each other and appeared to mentally confer before they looked at me again."No.We will be involved in everything," said Arnold.Tim nodded in agreement with a smile.I groaned and stomped my foot before turning on my heel and heading out to my truck.Brothers sucked sometimes.However, my anger evaporated by the time I got to my truck.Sitting down in my seat, I pulled Daniel's business card out of my back pocket.Staring at Daniel's card, my heart warmed and my face blossomed into a smile.It was made of heavy, grey stock.The writing was in a raised, dark green serif font.Native Arms was the name of his company.His name was in the center of the card with the word "Owner" underneath in a smaller font.It made me smile.It wasn't snooty sounding like C.E.O.or anything like that.The address of the company was on there along with the website and a phone number.Off to the bottom right hand side was Daniel's e-mail address and cell phone number."Hello again, Daniel," I warmly said to the card.Still smiling, I put it inside of my wallet before returning that to my purse and heading home.A couple of days later, I was sitting in front of my easel in my guest room painting.I was only using the shades of two colors: grey and green [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]