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.Being so much in love with Albert, I naturally hoped our son would resemble his father in every particular, and I did my best for him from the beginning by naming him Albert for his father, and Edward for mine.Albert had no objections, but Lord M., when I told him, asked if the names should not be the other way round.‘Albert is not an English name,’ he said.‘I don’t think the people will like it.’I thought ‘King Albert’ had a wonderful ring to it.If Parliament would not allow me to make my Albert king, at least I could ensure that the Throne went to an Albert after me.I did not say this to Lord M., however, but simply pointed out firmly, ‘It is an old Saxon name.’He smiled gently.‘But it has rather fallen out of use since Saxon times.Now Edward is a sound English name, much in use, and has a high degree of popularity attached to it from good associations from the past.’‘He is to be Albert Edward,’ I said immovably.‘And he will be like his angelic father in every respect, in both body and mind.And from now on,’ I added, to make sure he understood how serious I was about it, ‘I shall insist that every one of my male descendants bears the name Albert, to show that a new dynasty began in 1840, when the Prince and I were joined in wedded bliss.’(When Georgie and May’s first boy was born, I naturally wanted him to be called Albert, as he will one day be King of England.They, however, vexed and disappointed me by insisting they wanted the boy christened Edward.What was worse, they tried to wheedle me by saying that they were calling him after Georgie’s brother, poor Eddy, who they know I was very fond of.I pointed out with some triumph that of course Eddy’s name was not Edward at all, but Albert Victor – Eddy was only his pet-name.I thought that would be the end of the matter; but they went ahead and christened the boy Edward anyway – which proved to me that bringing Eddy into it was nothing but a subterfuge.I dislike that sort of dishonesty very much.I’m afraid it must have been May’s influence, for though she is a nice, good girl in general, there is occasionally just a little commonness about the cast of her mind, a carelessness in some matters, which comes from her upbringing, I suppose.And as it happens, they call the boy David anyway, so they might just as well have christened him Albert in the first place and saved all the unpleasantness.)Lord M.tried one last protest.‘But how will you manage with two Alberts in the family?’‘The boy will be called Bertie,’ I said simply.Royal babies had always been baptized privately, but after all the uncertainty over the Succession for so many years past, it was decided to have a public Christening for the boy, in St George’s Chapel, Windsor.It was to be a grand affair, and the organist composed a special anthem for the occasion and submitted it for our approval.Albert read it through and pronounced it tedious.‘We can hardly ask someone else to write one,’ I said.‘It would be such an insult when he has composed it specially – and on his own organ.’‘Then we shall have no anthem at all,’ Albert decided.‘No-one likes them anyway, and no-one remembers them a week later.If we end the service with an anthem, we shall all go out criticizing the music and feeling bad.’It was so true, I laughed.‘Well, what then?’‘We should end with everyone singing.Something devotional, but something we can all join in.’ He frowned a moment, and then, ‘Yes, of course! The Hallelujah Chorus: we can all join in that, with all our hearts.’I opened my mouth to protest, for I have never liked Handel’s music, and all my life I seem to have been haunted at every occasion of a remotely celebratory nature by that wretched Hallelujah! Hallelujah! business.But then I remembered I was now a submissive wife, and closed my mouth again.In the event it worked very well, and we were praised for the innovation (and as it was played while we walked out, I did not have to hear much of it).As on so many occasions, I discovered that Albert was right after all [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]