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.” He frowned.“But I have to say, the Warren place isn’t one either of us marked last night as a possibility.Too open.Too far from the cover of trees.That’s what you look for, right?”Sophia nodded.“With all the others, even if the houses are isolated, there were always lots of trees right around the dwelling so the beast had cover.”“The problem,” Logan said, rolling the beer bottle between his palms, “is we’re convinced the beast can shift and assume other forms, so it may actually be in a form that doesn’t immediately cause alarm.It’s how it gets close to its victims.”“But it still needs cover to approach the prey in Chupacabra form and to complete the kill without interruption.Every single other site has had that kind of cover.”“Has there been much gossip in here today about Elaine Warren’s murder?” Rebecca wanted to know.Clint nodded.“Certainment.And since the Maine State Police issued a formal statement it’s seems to be all anyone wants to talk about.”“Maybe at least people will start to be a little more cautious.More careful.”“God, I hope so.” Sophia took a big swallow of her drink, the hot liquor coursing through her chilled veins.“Anyone know of any trouble in the Warren marriage?” Logan asked.“Anything that could throw suspicion on the husband? Or maybe someone Elaine Warren had an argument with? Some other kind of trouble?”Clint shrugged.“Every marriage has its trouble spots, but nothing that anyone seemed to think was a major problem.”“There has to be something,” Rebecca insisted.“Why?” He looked at each of them.“What aren’t you saying?”They were all speaking in low tones, pitching their voices just loud enough to be heard over the rising crescendo of sound that marked Friday night at The Crown.Sophia took a sip from her glass, set it down carefully.“We don’t believe this is a Chupacabra kill.The cut opening the body is too clean, like it was made with a sharp instrument.The puncture wounds differ.And, most of all, not all the blood was drained.”Clint’s body tensed.“So you really think this is a human kill?”Rebecca nodded.“And we always look at the immediate family and friends first.”“The problem,” Sophia said, “is that Bobby doesn’t think the two kill scenes are different enough to matter and he’s back on his homicidal maniac theory again.He’s a very good detective but I don’t think he’ll look at these kills as being separate.”“I’m going to try talking to him again tomorrow,” Rebecca said.“No offense, guys, but he might listen to me a little more than outsiders.”“But that still means we’re waiting for the second kill from the devil beast,” Logan added.“One good thing.With two killings in the area people are starting to get nervous.At least maybe they’ll be a lot more alert.”Clint looked at him.“When we go out again tonight we’ll try to narrow the likely spots a little more, and be extra alert for any indication the beast is back on the prowl.Meanwhile let me put in a dinner order for you.” He winked at Sophia.“You want the barbecue beef sandwich with home fries tonight.”* * * * *Bradley Howard finished his shift as an X-ray technician at the hospital, clocked out and pulled on his heavy parka and boots.He hoped there hadn’t been any more snow.He was damn sick and tired of shoveling his driveway every five minutes.Next paycheck he was getting the snow blower fixed.Presque Isle was dark and deserted as he drove through the streets to his little place just outside town.After dealing with people all day he enjoyed the isolation of the place.It also provided the best spot to conduct his extracurricular activities.Outside influences were beginning to cut into his time and it pissed him off.What he really wanted was to quit his dead-end job, take his extracurricular activities and blow this place.He pulled up to the garage door and shoved the gearshift into park.He kept meaning to install an automatic opener but it was one of those things that just kept getting pushed lower on the to-do list.Bending down to reach the door handle, he never saw the figure move out from the trees at the side of the garage until it was on him.His scream was choked off as something heavy bashed against the side of his head and he crumpled into the packed snow.* * * * *Sophia was startled when she heard the knock on her door at barely after ten.“You decide to throw everyone out and close early?” she asked Clint as he came in.“I’m flattered that I’m worth giving up all that business for.”He cupped her head and kissed her, hot, wet and deep before stepping back to take off his clothes.“Not that I wouldn’t do it in a heartbeat, chere,” he grinned.“But Frayne Beaufort’s been working The Crown weekends for Frenchy since he got laid off.We know him and trust him.He’ll close up.” His gaze was hot as it traveled the length of her body.“Take the nightshirt off, Sophia, and let me see your body.I’ve been fantasizin’ about it all day and I’m harder than an oak tree.”She pulled the nightshirt off and tossed it onto one of the chairs then stood there bathed in the lamplight.Clint removed his boxers and then he was naked, too.Her eyes went immediately to the glorious hard-on he was sporting.“Told you,” he grinned.“Been like that all day.Now come here.”She stepped into his arms.He bit her ear before murmuring, “Logan and I are going to head out earlier tonight and I didn’t want to miss my time with my bebe.”This kiss was much longer than the first one, and hotter yet.His tongue plunged and probed, gliding across her own small one.He drank from her, ate at her, heating her from the inside out.Her body automatically softened for him and she melted against him.The thick length of his cock pressed against her, imprinting its heat against her skin.Clint’s hands moved up and down her back, caressing her spine, sending shivers skittering over the surface of her skin.His mouth slid away from hers and trailed across her cheek to her ear where he licked the shell and nibbled on the lobe.Then a line of wet kisses down the column of her neck, down, down until he reached a breast and pulled a stiff nipple into his mouth.Sophia clutched at his arms, trying to hold herself steady, but the riot of sensations rushing through her, ratcheting up her pulse, releasing more cream in her pussy made it nearly impossible for her to stand.Clint slid his hands down to cup her ass and lifted her, pulling her body into his.She wound her legs around his waist, locking them at the ankles.Her head fell back and she arched herself, giving him greater access to her nipples and breasts.He took full advantage, working one nipple until it was hot and swollen before turning his attention to the other.His tongue was a live wire, licking and tasting her, his lips hot as they closed around her flesh.Still clasping her to him with his hand beneath her buttocks, he moved the few steps to the bed and lowered her to the mattress, following her down.His body was hard and strong against hers, his touch demanding and gentle at the same time.Kneeling between her outspread thighs, he moved his mouth down the soft skin of her tummy through the nest of curls to unerringly home in on the hot bud of her clit.His big hands held her thighs apart as he pulled and sucked on the bundle of nerves, the pulse in her womb pounding like a jungle drum, her nipples aching for the feel of his hot mouth again.She writhed beneath the onslaught of the multiple erotic feelings he loosed within her, firing her blood and ratcheting up the beat of her heart [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]