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.Natasha looked at the small, square, thirteen inch color TV and watched as the news anchor reiterated the gruesome details of the crime from earlier that morning.Listening to the details again made the memory of her horrific dream flash in her mind.She turned to Annette.“I have to tell you something that happened to me last night,” she said apprehensively.“You got laid? Did you fuck Xavier?! Awe shit, I bet it was the bomb!” Annette said excitedly.Natasha frowned and shook her head.“No, you gutter mind! We talked last night and that was it.I'm still trying to make up my mind if I want to go that route.It's still weird to me, you know, it's different.but I am still interested.But that's not what I wanted to tell you.” She reached behind her and grabbed the uncomfortable leather chair from the corner of the room, moving it closer to Annette’s bed.She sat down in the chair and a low hiss escaped through the leather bindings.She looked up at her friend, perplexed.“Last night, I had this weird ass dream.Ever since the accident, I've been having all these weird dreams.I had decided not to take my medication and it's as though I've opened Pandora's box.I've been seeing what I think may be premonitions! God! I hope not, cause this fucking sucks if it is!”Annette looked at her friend with concern.“What was your medication for?”“Well, ever since I was a kid, I was told I was taking it for my headaches.” she trailed off.“I don't remember having a lot of headaches in my youth, but I do remember having weird dreams,” she said thoughtfully.She stared off across the room as if she was recollecting some long lost memory.She caught herself staring off.Bringing her focus back to the present-looked pensively at Annette, who waited patiently for her friend to continue.“I used to have weird dreams.I think my parents lied to me about my medication.A doctor at this hospital told me the medication I have been taking every night for all these years was a dream suppressant.But now that I'm not taking them anymore, it's like my mind is being flooded with all of these fragments of; I don't know quite what to call it,” she said, clearly frustrated, her hands hovering beside her temples.Annette felt sorry for her friend.She didn't know what to say.“Are they like visions?” she asked.“Yes! That's exactly what they're like.It's like I saw you in the hospital last night eating grape gelatin, but I saw all this through your eyes, first person's view.” She held her fingers above her eyes as she looked at her friend.“You think I'm losing it, don't you?”Annette shook her head.“I was eating grape gelatin last night.You got a gift, Tasha.You can see things as they're happening.You don't have to think you're a freak or something like that.”Natasha looked up at Annette, shocked.“You believe me?”Annette nodded.“Of course I believe you.There are people out there who are psychic.I see it was a gift and God granted you with this gift for a reason.You should embrace it.See, God knew who to give it to, cause if it were my gift, I'd be trying to see people's bank account information, cause I'm a heathen like that, and broke, people need money!” She laughed outright.Natasha chuckled, she knew her friend had the craziest sense of humor.She had also known Annette wouldn't make her feel abnormal if she told her.She felt compelled to tell her the rest of her discovery.“I think I saw the murder that happened last night!” she said in a rush of words.Annette looked at her, her smile fading as what Natasha blurred to her registered in her mind.“What do you mean? The dead woman they're talking about?” she asked, her good hand pointing toward the TV.The news had just gone off, and an evening sitcom had just come on.Natasha nodded.“It was as if I was looking through the eyes of the killer.I think it was the same one, I don't know, but I could see the hand.It was a huge hand, then it grew fur and thick sharp nails formed from normal, human looking nails.There was a woman in front of me.In the dream.Urn.vision, she was crying and begging for her life.Then the hand started ripping into her stomach, just tearing away her insides!” She closed her eyes tight, hands covering her face.“The worse part of it is, I could feel what the killer felt!” She shook her head, she didn't want to believe she saw the murder, couldn't believe it, to do so is to fall headlong into insanity.“No, no.There’s got to be a logical explanation for all of this,” Natasha moaned.“This doesn't make sense.None of it!” she exclaimed in anguish as she rose from the chair and began pacing in front of Annette's little bed.The other woman watched her, trying to accept the possibility that her friend could see things.And if she really did see this murder, what was she going to do about it?“Natasha, listen to me.If you get another vision of this murderer, you've got to tell the police,” she said adamantly.Natasha stopped pacing, looked at her friend, weakly shaking her head.“They'd laugh at me, and probably lock me up.They wouldn't take me seriously.What am I supposed to say? I had a dream about the killer; I saw how he did it.Yeah right, that's how you get committed.” She shook her head strongly.Annette wanted to reassure her friend that not everyone would laugh, especially not in this day and age.“Natasha, the next victim could be you or me or your mother, my mother, father, a child, innocent people are dying! You have this gift that may help the police catch this murderer.If you sit on it and not do anything and day after day you hear about a new body found in a back alley, knowing that you could have prevented it, you would never forgive yourself.You might as well be an accomplice!” she said forcefully.She hated to be so blunt, but she wanted to give Natasha the cold, hard truth.It worked.Natasha found herself slumped in the leather chair, tears suspended in her eyes.“I don't want this gift, curse, whatever! I don't want it Annette, you didn't see what I saw!” she said, trying to hold on to her composure.“No I didn't, but you're the only one who did.And you're the only one who can do something about it.If you embrace your ability to help people, then it can be a gift.If you choose to ignore it and all that it brings to you, then it will be a curse.Can you live with that? How do you know the visions will stop? Just because you don't want to see them, doesn't mean they won't come.I read about something like this in a magazine article.” She shifted in the bed, trying to get more comfortable.“This woman could predict the future.You may be seeing the future and not actually the present.Did you think of that?” she pointed out.Natasha nodded dejectedly.“So how can you sit there and try to escape this?” Annette asked.“Yeah, it's a bum wrap for you, real shitty, but Jesus had a bum wrap too.This is your cross to bear, so use it for good.” She looked at Natasha, who was looking down at her trembling hands clasped together in her lap.Annette's tone grew softer.“Tasha, you must go to the police and tell them what you saw, what you know.Even if they laugh at you, you have to do something.As it is now, everyone is in danger.I know you're scared and unhappy, but you can't run from these visions.”“If I take my medication again, I'll be okay,” Natasha said stubbornly.Annette's face flashed with anger.“You got to be kidding me, did I just waste my breath here?! Sure, you can run and hide behind your meds and pretend that you didn't see what you saw.Delude yourself.But you'll always know the truth.Look, it's your choice, Tasha, but I hope you make the right choice even if it's the hardest one,” Annette said.She was angry with her friend, but she could empathize with her [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]