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.Between her looks and her voice, no wonder she’s so famous and successful.Too bad she isn’t as grateful as she is successful.Layce plays with Julian’s lapel again, “Well, maybe one distraction…” She’s obviously saying that she had sex with Julian as recently as a week ago.I really don’t care.She’s a self-centered manipulative bitch, and whatever did or didn’t happen between her and Julian doesn’t matter to me.She can stake out her territory however she wants.I don’t care.Well, maybe a little.But it’s hard to take her seriously.Clipboard Lady steps toward Layce and in a gentle voice says, “Ms.Layce, it’s the director again.He’s asking for you.”“Not now,” Layce hisses at her.Clipboard Lady steps back abruptly, chastened.Julian says to Layce, “How is the shoot going?”“Fabulous,” Layce smiles.“The designers have really brought your concept to life better than I imagined possible.This video and this single are going to be huge, Julian.We make a perfect team, you and I,” she purrs.His concept? I’ll have to ask him about that later.And, wow, she’s trying really hard to make me feel like I mean nothing to her.Which means that I’m making her nervous.I’m a tiny bit proud of myself.I never imagined I’d have this kind of effect on one of the world’s biggest pop stars.Who knew?“I’m glad to hear it,” Julian says to Layce.“Have you seen the set?” she asks excitedly.“I toured it yesterday.It looks spectacular.”“But have you seen the dancers?”“I have not,” Julian smiles.“Oh, you have to see the dancers.Today they’re in costume and they look unbelievable.You have to see them in action.The choreographer did such an amazing job.Can you stay and watch?” She pleads.“I would like to,” Julian smiles politely, “But I have a meeting at Sony in thirty minutes.”“Tell them they can wait,” Layce pouts.Julian chuckles, “Do you tell Sony they can wait?”Layce rolls her eyes.“Stay, Julian.”I’m somewhat blown away by the fact that Layce has gone from being a commanding bitch to a gushing girl in the span of five minutes while talking to Julian.She must really like him.I can only wonder what sort of hold he has on her.And what sort of relationship they’ve had.Clipboard Lady says, “I’m very sorry, Ms.Layce, but the director really needs you on set so the stunt coordinator can attach your wire harness.”Layce ignores her but looks at Julian, “Duty calls.”“Don’t want to keep everyone waiting,” Julian smiles.Layce gives Julian a girlish wave and walks toward the stage doors.Kimono Top says, “Your wrists?”“What?” Layce barks, back to being a bitch.“Your makeup ran? The perfume samples?”Layce examines the smudged makeup, rolls her eyes, and growls, “Why didn’t you say something sooner?”Kimono Top winces, “I did?”Layce growls at her then shouts, “Back to makeup!”Clipboard Lady says, “What should I tell the director?”“Tell him he can wait!” Layce spins on her heel and marches back to the makeup trailer.Chapter 99VICTORYWhen Layce is gone, I joke, “She’s nice.”Julian snickers, “That’s one word.But I can think of several that are more appropriate.”“I bet you love working with her,” I quip, “half way around the world in intimate recording studios.”Julian chuckles, “You’re not jealous, are you?”I grin, “Who, me? Why would I be jealous of you, Lord Julian?”“I meant her.You’re jealous of Layce.”I scoff, “Are you kidding? Why would I ever be jealous of someone as entitled as her? Who wants to be rich and famous if it turns you into an ass?”“Money and power doesn’t ruin everyone,” he arches an eyebrow.I pause.“You mean you?”He winks.I wink back, “I barely know you.We’ll see what you’re like six months from now.”“Is that an offer? Because if it is, I will gladly accept.”Julian and I haven’t talked about what’s going on between us since the fingering in the Ferrari.Maybe we should? I think he’s getting ideas.I don’t know how I feel about that.Now is probably not a good time to go into it.I change the subject, “You look great today.As always.I love this suit.Are you all dressed up for your meeting?”“Yes,” he nods.“And you look singularly marvelous yourself.”I’m dressed in my regular rocker chick clothes.I thought it would fit in with the stage hands, which it does.I’m glad Julian likes it.“Who’s your meeting with?” I ask.“The A&R people at Sony and some up and comer female vocalist.I’m supposed to sit down with her and see if we can work together in the studio like I did with Layce.”“Would that include nights at The White Room and Oster-whatever?” I quip.Yes, I’m fishing for information.“Östermalm, ” Julian chuckles.“I am now thoroughly convinced that you are in no way jealous of Layce.”“Here, let me fix your perfect lapel,” I joke, mocking Layce’s earlier attentions.Julian grins at me, “Are you finished?”“Wait, missed a piece of lint!” I pretend to pluck one from his collar.Julian rolls his eyes, but he’s enjoying it.“So, what’s with Lord Julian?”“Oh, that’s my producing nick name.”“Lord Julian?” I frown.“Don’t you like it? I thought it rather appropriate.”“I bet,” I snicker.“So, what was it like being all locked away in Sweden with Layce?”“It wasn’t just her and I.My brother Max was there too.”I ask in disbelief, “Wait, you mean studio Max? He’s your brother?”“He is.” Julian cocks his head, “Didn’t I tell you that already?”“No!”He shrugs, “Now you know.”I remember noticing a physical resemblance between Julian and Max, but they seem so different personality-wise.Julian has the uptight preppy thing going while Max is totally punk and laid back.I say, “Wow, that’s so cool that you and your brother work together.”He nods, “On just about everything.We make a great team.”That’s when it clicks.“You guys are Lord Julian and Mad Max! The producing team!”“We are indeed,” he smiles.I’ve never followed pop music nearly as closely as I follow hard rock and metal, but I have heard of Lord Julian and Mad Max before.They write songs for all the big pop stars, and produce a lot of them as well.This is kind of a big deal.No, this is a really big deal.Because I know them.And I didn’t even know it!I do my best to restrain my excitement as I ask, “Okay, I have to know [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]