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."Let's see if I can slip my fully erect prick up your ass.""That sounds like a great idea." Evan stroked Tyler's chest."But this time I want to be able to move.""Oh, you'll move," Tyler threatened."You'll dance your sweet little ass all over my cock."Evan had not one doubt that Tyler would more than make him live up to his threat.Devoted Alpha37Chapter 5Tyler considered himself a patient man, but the walk across the quad to Evan's room seemed like the distance from the Earth to the Moon.His pace was the equivalent of molasses in January."Slow down, Tyler.I don't want to trip over the clumps of snow." Evan gripped his forearm more firmly."If we had stayed on the sidewalk, this wouldn't be a problem.""This was shorter.""Impatient much?""Only with you." Tyler laughed, but it was true.He'd just climaxed, and in a most spectacular way, but he wanted to be inside Evan again.And he wanted to breed him.Not once in all his furtive relations had Tyler ever done that.Hell, even as a kid, he'd never barebacked.Never wanted to until he'd seen his cock pressing against Evan's beautiful ass.Slipping his softening prick inside him, using his own spew to lube the way, had compelled an ejaculatory-free orgasm out of him that almost made his eyes pop.This time, he wanted to get his stiff cock as deep as it would go and then pump his pleasure into Evan.It was a claiming, marking behavior that had never possessed him before.Evan was his, and Tyler wanted his scent all over him.Including the inside of him."Tyler?""Sorry." The compulsion to claim Evan was so strong Tyler glanced around the quad.If they were alone, he'd claim him right here.But they weren't by themselves.Lots of random students were out and about.Besides, the student body might have tolerance for homosexuals, but they wouldn't welcome anyone fornicating in the 38Anitra Lynn McLeodmiddle of the college grounds.Rather than risk public exposure, not to mention frostbite considering the temp was in the low thirties, Tyler stopped their progress and turned.Tyler tossed Evan's backpack over his shoulder and then tossed Evan over, too."What in the hell do you think you're doing?""Speeding things up." Tyler ate up the distance to the dorm hall entrance.Once there, he put Evan back on his feet, leaned in and whispered, "I've got to fuck you.Now." Evan's hand trembled on the doorknob."I swear I can't wait.It's like my whole body is burning for you." Evan gulped, opened the door, and practically ran up the steps.They were in his room in less than thirty seconds."Hey, Evan, I see you met Tyler." Brandon Sanders, team quarterback and Evan's roommate, set aside his book to greet them."Yeah, uh, hey, Brandon, could you do me a favor?" Evan took both backpacks from Tyler's shoulder."Could you give us a minute?""A minute?" Ice-blue eyes darted between him and Evan and then settled on Tyler's face."I thought you needed help with chemistry.""I need him to help me with my virginity." The baldness of Evan's statement widened Brandon's eyes."You have got to stop hanging around Derek.You're starting to sound like him.Which reminds me.I should go and make sure Derek is studying." With a minimum of movement, Brandon tucked his books away, grabbed his coat and keys, then left, locking the door behind him."I can't tell you how nice it is to have a decent room--" Tyler didn't let Evan finish before his mouth descended, capturing Evan's lips.His mind was screaming that he had to fully claim Evan, and he had to do it now.Right now.Forcefully Tyler grabbed and yanked on the waistband of Evan's jeans, wrenching the rivet buttons apart.As Evan toed off his tennis shoes, Tyler shoved down his pants.He growled with pleasure when Devoted Alpha39he discovered that Evan hadn't put his underwear back on.It was almost like he knew the state Tyler would be in and dressed in anticipation of his needs.Tyler might have noticed if he hadn't been obsessed with staring at Evan's tattoo instead of watching him dress.Guiding him toward the twin bed, Tyler pushed Evan down to his knees so that his upper body rested on the bed.In the chest of drawers between the beds, he found a bottle of lube, greased up his cock, and pressed against Evan's beautiful ass.Had his previous invasion loosed Evan up enough? God.Tyler wanted to bury himself as fast and as deep as possible, but he couldn't if he would hurt Evan."Do it.God, Tyler, this isn't the time to tease me.Fuck me, Tyler.Fuck me."With his begging cry resonating through his body, Tyler pressed forward, marveling at how effortlessly his prick slipped inside.Custom-made for one another, his cock and Evan's ass practically clicked when they came together.Evan's submissive whimper surged masterful domination through every cell in Tyler's body [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]