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.Apparently, Lisa thought so too.She laughed, delighted."Come on, Sexy, let's go dance and work off some energy." Seth followed her obediently onto the dance floor without another glance in Jared's direction.Lisa gave them a flirty wave over her bare shoulder and then turned her full attention to her date and her obvious commitment to the destruction of his brain cells.Jared laughed with genuine amusement."The quandary of the bisexual: the cock you can't see or the boobs you can."Alex snorted."He made the right decision since I'd have to kill him over the other choice."Jared's brow rose over his left eye."Is that right?"Alex met his gaze with hot eyes."Yes." Alex found himself rewarded for his brash words by the flexing of Jared's jaw muscle as he struggled for control.Jared's hand found Alex's under the table."Dance with me."Alex glanced at the crowded dance floor, the movement of bodies matching the beat of the music.A few really bad dancers stood out like sore thumbs."Can you dance?" He'd never seen Jared dance—dancing apparently being on his 'things to avoid doing with Alex' list."I have a couple John Travolta moves I dusted off before I came." Alex wasn't amused.Jared snorted."I can dance.Come on I'll show you." Not reassured, Alex followed Jared to the dance floor with some trepidation.Alex's doubt fled at the feel of Jared's hands on his hips and the movement of Jared's body against his in perfect synchronization with the music.One song flowed seamlessly into the next; highlighted by the chatter of the DJ.Jared touched Alex, hips, arms, hands, face; he brought their bodies together and brushed his lips over Alex's mouth, cheek, tasted his pulse."Where did you learn to dance?" Alex panted into Jared's ear, more out of breath from the effect Jared had on him than the dancing."Lessons." Jared stared at Alex through half-lidded eyes, undulating his hips against him.Alex's eyes went wide."Lessons to dance like this?"Jared laughed and pressed a brief kiss to his lips."No.I'll show you.Wait here." Alex stood bemused as Jared left him alone in the middle of the floor and watched Jared thread his way to the DJ.When he finally got there, the guy manning the music pulled his massive headphones off one ear to listen to Jared, nodding and grinning at whatever he had to say.Jared returned to Alex's side just as the DJ announced it was time to 'slow things down' with a special song.One especially for Alex from Jared.Alex blushed, his face so hot he thought he might spontaneously combust.The sweet voice of Kelly Clarkson turned amused looks their way and Alex's face burned hotter.It had to be a joke, but Jared's expression said otherwise.Seeing everything he'd dreamed of for the last three years written on Jared's face, Alex took a step closer.Jared held out his right hand and, looking into his eyes, Alex took it.Jared's hand came to rest on the small of Alex's back.Alex followed him through the first steps of the dance and Jared pulled him closer."This is how I learned to dance." Jared's breath brushed hot against Alex's ear."And now I know why.It was for a moment like this."Dancing cheek to cheek with Jared, Alex couldn't remember his own name much less if what they were doing was the waltz or some other dance he'd never expected to do outside of lessons forced on him by his mother.At twelve, he hadn't cared and didn't recall paying much attention to those lessons, but his feet surprised him by remembering well enough.He followed Jared through the old-fashioned dance steps if not flawlessly, at least competently.Caught up in the moment, Alex almost missed it when Seth swept Lisa into his arms and began to whirl her around the floor, and another couple joined them, and another, as kids began to exercise their own long unused dance lessons.Soon, couples filled the entire floor, waltzing with varying degrees of success.Alex let Jared tug him closer, savoring the feel of Jared's body moving against him, Alex's wish for the moment never to end conflicted with his need to get Jared alone as soon as possible.The song ended and there was a pause before the next song [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]