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.I didn’t care that it burned me.Lopaka still loves me.He is willing to live for me… Lopaka loves me…61AJ LlewellynThe sound of Baby Kimo screaming woke mefrom the awful nightmare.His voice came through on the baby monitor and then I heard him outside our bedroom door.I groped around in the dark, Kimo tossing in an agonized way beside me.Then our baby hammered at our door.I got up, raced toward it and, just as I opened it, he barreled into my arms.Kimo’s eyes opened as he lay there, panting.“It’s okay, baby.” I held my arms out to my son, who sobbed convulsively as he clung to me.“Daddy sick…daddy sore,” he cried into mychest.“No, darling, daddy’s fine.” I reached out a hand, stroking Kimo’s long, wet hair from his burning forehead.He’d been revisiting the bad times, too.We stared at each other and I saw his eyes refocus as he came back to us.He blinked, his gaze shifting to the baby.“Give daddy your foot, angel,” I whispered.Baby Kimo stuck his little foot out to Kimo who struggled for composure, for his very breath and to make this world a beautiful place again for our son.One long finger stroked our son’s foot and the baby’s breathing soon turned into a soothing rhythm and I felt his body weigh heavier in my arms as he drifted back to sleep.“Keep him with us, just for a little while.”Kimo’s voice was scratchy and I placed the baby 62Diùra : Phamton Lover Series Book 11beside him.“I’ll get you some water.Kimo, are you okay?”He nodded and turned around, his big hands gently stroking Baby Kimo’s face and arms.“Are you aware of him tuning into us like this before?”I shook my head.“Pray Goddess Pele that he doesn’t remember it in the morning.” Kimo looked down at our little son’s face.I felt his anguish for the things our baby had seen…that we had both experienced, but Baby Kimo slept and, when I came back with a bottle of ice-cold water from the fridge, Kimo was anxious for me to be back in his arms again.He gulped from the bottle and I returned Baby Kimo to his bed where the older twins were still sleeping.I checked on the babies, marveling that they, too, were still sleeping, put him down gently, tucked them all in again one last time and returned to my husband, whose arms reached out to me.“I hate Sammy.” I couldn’t help it.“No, you don’t.” Kimo wrapped himselfaround me, kissing the corner of my eye.“He saved our lives in the end.”It was true.He did.And he loved my grandma.“I’m still not against you turning him into a toad though, Kimo.”He laughed then, the sound releasing sometension in us both.“Let’s just say if the need arises, my love, it will be my pleasure to do so.”63AJ Llewellyn“Thank you.” I scooted closer to the man of my dreams who obligingly tightened his hold on me, one hand reaching down to grip my cock, just the way he liked it.This time, when I closed my eyes, I went right to sleep.We didn’t get much of it…an hour later, our three little hooligans were running around the room, already embracing the day.Somebodyshook me awake.“Mypaka, can I order breakfast from room service?” It was Keli’i.“Good idea, sweetheart,” Kimo mumbled, his mouth in my hair.“Order lots of sausages.”The boys raced off and we could soon hearthem arguing over who would do the foodordering.Kimo and I quickly threw on clothes and went into the other room.“You can each order one thing.You pass the phone back and forth and don’t forget four eggs for me and Mypaka likes a big pot of coffee.”“Okay, daddy.” Kamaha started and each time the phone passed to Baby Kimo, he screeched“Pancakes!” into the receiver.There was a knock on the door.“Room Service!” Kamaha shouted, although it was too soon for that.Kimo opened the door.Nobody there.We were all stumped and stepped out into the hallway.“Surprise!” Sammy jumped out from behind a 64Diùra : Phamton Lover Series Book 11big floral display, in a new sweater and his kilt and…no long johns.Baby Kimo took one look at him and started bawling.He ran into our room and, before we could stop him, he’d slammed the door.“Kimo.We don’t have a key card.He and the babies are alone in there.” I was frantic.I could hear our son wailing.Any second now, the babies would be providing a raucous backup.“What in the world got into him?” Sammywondered and the twins hammered at the door for Baby Kimo to open it.“We need to call security [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]