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.What do you say we visit the Hips and Curves website and do some more shopping for her?”“Gee, twist my arm.Do they have corsets?” Mmm, Grace in a corset.What could be better? His small brain provided the answer.Grace in a black satin corset, G-string, garters and stockings, and those sexy, black high heels.His cock had started to settle down a bit until that image popped into his mind.“June said they have everything— lingerie, bras, panties, garters, corsets—even leather and patent.Do you still have your list of sizes Charity gave you?”“Yep, I carry it in my wallet, just in case.I’m dyin’ to see our little darlin’ in a corset.”“Mmm-hmm!” Adam replied hungrily.“Hey, baby!” Grace came down the hall, fully clothed in fresh blue jeans, a top, and sneakers.“I think I left my clothes and underwear in the SUV this afternoon.I need to remember to bring those in.Wouldn’t want anybody else to see them, now would we?” She gave Adam a hug and a kiss.“You smell good! Yummy!” She grinned up at him.“Why don’t you go see the new foals, then we can all get ready? I have to make some quick calls.Okay?”“Mmm-hmm.Let’s go, Jack.I want to get ready.I can’t wait for you to see what I’m wearing.”* * * *Grace put her arm around Jack’s waist, and he considerately matched his pace to hers.They walked through the backyard gate and out to the driveway beyond it that led to the barns.As they approached, she heard neighing in the barn and voices, the sounds of the work day finishing.327“Remember how you were concerned about showing affection to us in public? Ethan told you we thought we should keep that to a minimum, but we’ve reconsidered.If you want to reach out to one of us, don’t stop yourself like earlier today, okay? Seein’ you blush and look down like you let us down already just about broke our hearts.It’s more important to us that you not be hurt or embarrassed than whether or not you reach out to hold one of our hands.”She nodded and leaned into him as he kissed her temple.“I would try to refrain from kissing Adam and Ethan in public places, although Ethan told me I could in The Pony.Under any circumstances, I’m not likely to lay a wet one on any of you in the middle of the grocery store.That’s just not my way.”“We know it’s not, and that’s why we decided to give you a little more freedom.Just try to prepare yourself that some people may not be very nice about it, especially if they encounter you when you’re alone.”“I know.I’ve been thinking about that lately.I’ll always do my best to honor you and never embarrass you in public.At home, in the bedroom, anything goes, though,” she said, giggling.“Hot damn, I hope so!” He squeezed her ass.As they entered the barn, Jack and Grace saw Angel at the other end.He waved and approached them.“Hey! I was just wondering if y’all were still coming out.Hello, Grace, it’s good to see you again.” He returned her friendly hug.“I sure am glad you’re out here with these guys.They deserve a good woman like you.I hear wedding bells are even ringing.”“Yes! I’m still in shock.They really surprised me today.” She remembered Fred’s face as he delivered those arrangements.“You want to see the new babies on the ranch?” Angel asked her.“That’s why we’re here.I’ve been looking forward to it.I remember seeing their mamas still carrying them the day I brought supper over here for y’all.”Grace walked with them as Angel led the way back to the second barn, where the foals were kept.“They’re here in these two stalls right next to each other.” Jack led her to the row of horse stalls.She looked in through the windowed openings at them and marveled that their spindly little legs could hold them up.Even at 328only a few days old, they were already very sturdy on their feet and growing rapidly, nursing on their mamas.After she’d seen her fill, they returned to the house to get ready for their evening out.As she walked with him back to the house, Jack said, “We got a saddle for you the other day when I was in town with Angel.I meant to show you, but we ran out of time.If you’d like to go for a ride sometime, we have a very gentle mare that I think you’d take a liking to.Have you ever ridden?”“Years and years ago, but I really enjoyed it.I don’t know anything about horses, but I sure would like to learn.Thanks for the saddle.I hope it wasn’t very expensive?”“No, no, Angel said it was a good saddle at a good price and that it would be comfortable for you, starting out, until you decide if that’s something you might enjoy doing.Then I’d order you a better custom-made saddle.I’d love to teach you about the ranch and the breeding operation.I know we’d enjoy having you involved in the workings of the ranch if that’s what you want.”“You spoil me rotten.”“I could say the same thing.” He leaned down to kiss her as they walked in through the back door.* * * *Right before seven, Adam heard her bedroom door open down the hall.He and Jack looked up eagerly at the sound of clicking heels.She floated into the room, serene and beautiful.Her beautiful blonde hair hung in thick bunches of curls down her back and over her shoulders.She looked radiant, absolutely stunning to him.“Come see?” She beckoned them to her, back to her bedroom.“I want you to really see my outfit before Angel gets here.” There was a devilish twinkle in her eyes.They both followed her back to her room.Adam eyed her voluptuous beauty hungrily and with appreciation.She was wearing the wild zebra patterned red and black top that he’d had purchased for her.The cut and style of the top made her breasts look gorgeous.The sexy, silky fabric skimmed down her rib cage, accentuating her hourglass waist, which was the reason June had recommended it to him.329She wore a black skirt that reached just past her knees [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]