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.And he thought of Amber lying back in her hotel bed, unaware of the threads of unnatural ice that had carved new lines in the palm of her hand and burrowed their way inside.Like a parasite.Christ.The kid was ten.Had a father that was - hell, no, didn’t even have a father any more.Where was the justice in the world?Swearing at another snowbank meeting his beams head-on, Makenzie threw the truck into reverse then hit the brakes recklessly hard.Luckily he didn’t pay for it - that time.Except it made him think: don’t go killing yourself.Aren’t you supposed to be the justice round here, anyway? You owe it to Laurie, and you owe it to that girl, Kenzie Shaw, to do what you can.Which involves staying alive and finding the Doc.Meanwhile, every delay biting great chunks out of his nerves, he had to know how Amber was doing.He reached for the mic clipped to the radio.Be there, little bro.Be there.’In the midst of this poisonous winter, Melvin Village had come alive with action, civilians working with the troops to erect barriers and construct crude moats at key points.Somewhere to the south, a pneumatic drill was busy chewing up the asphalt.Others were ferrying all the spare gas once intended for the evac to those defences, ready to fill the moats or soak the blankets that had been thrown over the barricades.Sergeant Kurzyk was distributing grenades to every soldier as they hurried past on some new errand for the defence, his grey Slavic features layered thick with satisfaction.The only soul no happier for all this was the man who had set it all in motion: Captain Morgan Shaw.Possibly because he knew the town hadn’t come so much alive as undead.Living past the point of no return.Morgan wondered cynically what - apart from a morale boost - he hoped to achieve here.O’Neill called from inside the Command Vehicle.Morgan gratefully hopped in and took the mic.The static was bad.but Morgan was skilled at filling in the blanks: ‘It’s Kenzie.Can you Just have one of your guys check in on Amber? It’s real Important.’Morgan rolled his eyes: was that it? He went to the door.‘Hey, Kurzyk.Go check on the little girl will you? The manageress will tell you which room she’s in.’‘Sir,’ the Sarge’s face paled, ‘the mother drove off with her a while back.’Morgan chewed on a curse or two.Running away must run in that family.‘Kenzie.did you get that? Your girlfriend drove out of town, took the kid with her.You want I should send someone after them? Repeat-’‘Okay.’ Kenzie sounded mad.‘No, I’ll turn back.Which way was she headed?’Morgan looked expectantly at Kurzyk.An age passed, locked in ice.Snowfall was the only movement for miles around.Martha shoved Amber around behind her, mind racing everywhere and nowhere.The veins of ice seemed to float in indecision, waving in the wind like impossibly delicate branches on trees of ice.‘It’s afraid.Mom.It’s afraid to cross the water.’Martha shook herself awake.She spun her head round to stare at her daughter.Amber backed up, scared.Martha realised her utter disbelief had emerged as plain anger.Lips clamped tight, she dug at the back of her teeth with her tongue.Then nodded and braved a smile.‘Is that right, honey? Well, let ‘s see if your Mom can’t scare it some more.’Martha stood, glanced back at the shore, where the icicle tendrils had started to snake out again, forking here and there like slow lightning.A steady, predatory advance.The Doctor’s brisk examination was a race against the ice tracing erratic lines through the dark strands of Lieutenant Hmieleski’s hair and extending roots down over her forehead to burrow into her face.Leela was a helpless spectator.‘Mild concussion,’ the Doctor pronounced, pocketing the slender torch he had shone in the patient’s eyes.‘Slowing down the rate of growth.’ Apparently this wasn’t cause for any great celebration, and Leela could only echo - and amplify - the Doctor’s anxious expression as she waited for him to do something.She had followed in his wake, arms up to shield herself from the flames, and helped him shovel mounds of snow to force a parting in the curtain of fire [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]