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.The silver giant reeled, sparks flying from its chest panel, as bullets ricocheted around the reception area.It righted itself and tore the rifle out of the young soldier's hands, twisting it into a tangled knot of metal.The corporal turned and ran, but there was a harsh rattle and a burst of energy from some sort of gun and he crashed to the floor, acrid smoke curling from the cuffs and collar of his uniform.The Cyberman stepped over his charred and twisted body and tore the alarm bell from the wall.In the laboratory, McBride and Ace were playing a bizarre game of tag with the now charred and steaming Cyberman.Whenever it got within reach, McBride lashed out at it with the harsh flame of the oxyacetylene torch, bringing up deep, oozing welts in the silver skin of their attacker.The problem was that, as a weapon, the torch wasn't exactly manoeuvrable.Ace was wheeling the gas cylinders about like a woman possessed, but they were rapidly running out of space, and the Cyberman showed no sign of tiring.Their only hope was to try to sever some vital system.Their hopes had been raised when they had heard the alarm bell, but swiftly dashed as the alarms stopped abruptly.The Cyberman lunged again and McBride brought the torch up, wielding it like a sword, and slashing the flame across the huge silver arm.A thin silver hose burst open, spraying the air with a fine foam.Tiny silver mites, no bigger than pinheads, swarmed over the creature's arm, sealing the damage.McBride felt sick.Suddenly the door at the other end of the lab crashed open.Ace spun.Another Cyberman, the one with the bent handle that she had damaged, stood in the doorway.It levelled the silver tube in its hand.'Down, McBride!' The two of them dived for cover as energy bolts blasted across the laboratory.McBride dragged Ace under one of the workbenches as the gas cylinders exploded, sending shrapnel slicing across the room.The two Cybermen advanced.McBride hugged Ace to him as the bench was lifted from over them.'This is it, kid.'The charred Cyberman reached down.and was thrown to one side, as a hail of bullets slammed into it.The other Cyberman raised its gun and fired.Ace could hear screams over the rattle of the energy weapon before there was another deafening round of gunfire.The lab was lit up as bullets streamed into the two aliens.Sparks flew from the silver armour under the repeated impact of heavy machinegun fire.Stray bullets whistled around the room.Ace and McBride crawled through chaos.McBride could hear orders being barked out in a clipped English accent.Lazonby! There was a lull in the noise, and then the lab lit up again as the terrifying rattle of a Cybergun broke the silence.Lazonby had been in his office inspecting his rota chart when the alarm bells had sounded.He had always expected that the Peddler factory would be the subject of an enemy attack.He had snatched his service revolver from his desk, and had been satisfied to see that his troops were already in the corridor, rifles poised, waiting for his orders.He could hear the distant sounds of fighting, and the rattle of something unfamiliar.He gestured to his men and they fell in behind him.At the foot of the stairs, in the bulletriddled reception area, they had found the remains of the corporal who had been left on sentry duty.One of Lazonby's men turned the body over, a broken husk that had once been a soldier.Lazonby's grip tightened around the butt of his revolver.'They must be in the laboratory.Come on, men.'They had entered the wreckage of the laboratory to see McBride and that young girl cowering from.Lazonby stood in awe.Even in the gloom of the lab these creatures were impressive.Huge figures of glittering metal.The blank metal face turned towards him.Impassive.Unblemished.Perfection.Machinegun fire, harsh and brutal, shattered the moment, then the man next to him erupted in a ball of heat and smoke, and Lazonby the Officer took over.He levelled his gun and fired four rounds into the head of one of the armoured figures.'Wait for a clear shot! They're wearing some kind of armour aim for the joints!'He noticed Ace and McBride crawling through the wreckage.'Somebody get those civilians out of here.'In the drizzle outside in the yard, Wall cowered at the sound of, gunfire.He hopped from the cab of the truck and scurried over to the loading bay.There was another burst of gunfire and the crackle of energy weapons.This wasn't how the operation was meant to be at all.He chewed at his nails.The Cybermen were invulnerable to most forms of attack, but if the soldiers managed to get reinforcements.He peered into the gloom through his little black glasses and hissed under his breath.'Withdraw Do you hear me? Retreat.We will regroup [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]