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.My arms were stretched wide, adding to the stress on myshoulders.My back rested against another beam.A thin ropethat bound up my cock and balls also encircled my waist and162 Descenso ~ Christopherbound me to that beam.I stood on a pair of steel boxes, onebeneath each foot.There was nothing else in the dimly lit, white walled room,but me.My heart began to pound, and a fine sweat beaded on myface.I tried to deny my fear, but fear wouldn’t deny me.Irattled my chains and screamed.John Tenorio had drugged me.Like a fool I had come here, into my enemy’s lair, and falleninto a trap!A section of the wall slid open.John Tenorio walked in withhis remote control in his hand.Stephen followed.“The wallsare very soundproof,” John Tenorio said as he came forward.“But if you get sexual satisfaction from screaming, pleaseindulge yourself.”“He does,” Stephen asserted in a chilling tone.“But usuallyfrom the screams of others.”I shook my chains again, but I knew that struggling wasuseless.The manacles were painfully tight, and there was nomercy on John Tenorio’s face, nor on Stephen’s.“I loved you!”I screamed at my former slave.Stephen smirked.“The only thing you love is the pain youcause others.” He came to John Tenorio’s side and stood therelooking up.Even in my moment of torment I found a certainglee in that.He would always be at John Tenorio’s side,following or serving John Tenorio.Let him pretend otherwise,Stephen would always be a slave at heart.His every actiondemonstrated it.“We went to your apartment while you were unconscious,”he continued.“We found what you hid in your closet and calledthe police.They’re looking for you.”I became still.My thoughts raced.The total helplessness ofmy position was beginning to dawn on me.“I lost control!” Ishouted.“I didn’t mean to hurt them! Not that way!”Stephen dared to shout.“You didn’t hurt them! You killedthem! You would have killed me, too, eventually, if I’d stayedDON JUAN AND MEN 163with you! How many men have you scarred, injured, sent tohospitals?”“Not you, Stephen!” I screamed.“Never you!”John Tenorio stepped in front of Stephen and wrapped theboy in his arms.Stephen responded like a child seekingcomfort, shivering, but growing calmer in his master’s embrace.They whispered close together, and John Tenorio lightly kissedStephen.“What about the police?” I demanded.“What did you tellthem?”“That we went to collect the last of Stephen’s things,” JohnTenorio answered.“And that we didn’t know where you were,that you might be on the run.We told them about all yourappetites, all your cruelties.They’re at Faust’s now conducting interviews.”“Damn you!” I shouted.The strain in my arms was nearlyunbearable.I was a master who tormented others.John Tenoriohad no right to do this to me.“Damn you! Damn you!”John Tenorio toyed with the remote control.“After Spain, Ispent some time in hell,” he replied dispassionately.“Now it’syour turn, Armand.”Stephen thrust out a hand suddenly.“Let me.”John Tenorio looked at Stephen for a long moment, thensurrendered the remote control.I felt a new stab of fear.“What are you doing? What is thatthing?”Stephen pressed a button with his thumb.The slightest lurchtremored through the steel boxes upon which I stood, and theybegan to move ever so slowly, but inexorably apart.“Perhaps you have not noticed the exact nature of yourpredicament,” John Tenorio explained.“Look between yourlegs.”I strained against the manacles and the narrow rope aroundmy waist and looked down.Sweat ran down my forehead andstung my eyes.Still, I saw the steel rod and the immense dildo164 Descenso ~ Christophermounted atop it.It was bolted to the floor and anchored firmlyto the beam at my back.I screamed.“You can’t do this to me!Not this!”The boxes inched farther and farther apart.There was justenough play in my chains to lower me onto that giant dildo.Myown body weight would guarantee penetration.They meant toimpale me!I could only reach the boxes with the balls of my feet now.Istared at my tormentors and begged.“Not this! Let me down!Please!”Now, I could only support myself on the tips of my toes.The muscles in my legs quivered at the strain.My right thighcramped suddenly, and my foot slipped off.My body droppedonto the dildo, and I felt its massive head press up into mysphincter with searing force.I screamed, scrambled to reach the box with my toes again and pulled myself free.It was only a brief respite.The boxes continued to moveapart.I began to cry, and fear-sweat coated my entire body.“Just call the police!” I begged.“Turn me in!”My right foot slipped off its box, and I felt the agonizingstab of that dildo again, felt myself slide down upon it.Then my left foot slipped off.I strained in my chains, flexed myshoulders and biceps, tried to hold myself up by my arms alone,anything to keep from sliding farther down upon thatmonstrous instrument.My sweat betrayed me.As it filled my crack, it acted aslubricant.My arms gave out.I sat down upon the cruelinstrument, felt it surge up into my ass [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]