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.”Defrienne nodded, “I think the girl has magic, but I can’t feel a thing with him so close to her.”Palose could feel Lanquer’s aura without even looking at the boy and knew that he was suppressing his magical strength by about half.At this strength he was above the average power of a wizard, but not as noticeably powerful as Garosh tended to radiate.Even so, the two roaming around in public felt like they were testing their fate.“Palose?” Sylvaine questioned with a gesture of her head towards the two walking below.He could feel Lanquer coming closer, but refused to turn and acknowledge the two.Since he was supposed to be concealing both the truth of their birth and the transfer of the emperor to a new body, the mage could only try to be as calm as he normally would.Normal would be for him to ignore them in spite of the others calling attention to the pair.“She’s a child and he has magic.What more is there to see?” he asked trying to focus on the words on the page with little success.Lanquer’s aura was palpable to him and he could feel the boy climbing the stairs.Over time, Palose had become more sensitive to auras anyway, though he wasn’t sure if that was just because he was now more powerful or a side effect of his resurrection.As the two closed in on them, the mage could even sense Acheri through Lanquer’s clouding aura.They were getting very close.Sylvaine and Defrienne’s eyes tracked the two as they finished climbing steps that Palose could hear even without a spell.“Hello, is this the area with the books of rebirth and necromancy?” Acheri’s voice asked sounding cheery despite her topic.Palose resisted rolling his eyes.Nodding, Sylvaine pointed over her shoulder, “They are over there.You are pretty young to be getting into such deep subjects, aren’t you?”A scent of flowers suddenly wafted towards him as the girl in her navy blue dress slid behind Palose before taking a seat next to him.Her hand brushed his shoulder gently sliding along it to his upper arm before sliding out the chair next to him.Her cloak was in Lanquer’s hand, while he remained standing uncomfortably near the top of the stairs.Acheri’s long, dark hair was pulled back revealing gold hoop earrings matching her gold necklace and bracelets which stood out from her dark, blue dress.Crossing her legs revealed creamy smooth skin from above the knee to her black boots as the girl angled towards the man beside her.“Portal magic? I would think that someone like you would prefer elemental spells like fireballs or perhaps powerful air attacks,” she said while her fingers pressed the near page gently to see what he was reading.Sylvaine frowned turning a little red with jealous anger.Ignoring his friend, Palose continued to look at the page while he answered, “I read many things.Portal magic is just one of the books in my pack.”“Hmmm, then you probably know where many of the books are in the library.Perhaps you could put your book down and show me where the necromancy books about resurrection men are, since you seem to be an expert,” Acheri made the question more of a command as she pointed behind the page to place the book on the table.The princess or empress or whatever he was to call her was making it known that she had come for a reason.Despite Sylvaine’s angry looks, Palose nodded as he placed the book on the table.He said nothing, not even one word as he stood with the young lady, who he knew had the power to destroy them all with a single spell.Her power dwarfed Lanquer’s and his friends didn’t even know it.Walking to the last row, Palose turned towards the section where he had first met Sylvaine.It almost felt like a betrayal as he led Acheri to the same secluded area.Her right hand caught his left turning him to face her.Lanquer stood just behind looking uncomfortable as if she were his sister propositioning a boy.“This is far enough, Palose.I obviously don’t need an apprentice to teach me how to use magic that the emperor learned a thousand years ago,” her mouth played a smile on her lips while her dark, blue eyes picked up a sparkle like stars in the night sky.“I thought the idea was to remain inconspicuous until the day the emperor felt ready to reveal himself to Ensolus.You two roaming the streets alone and showing yourselves off to a library full of wizards is hardly keeping out of sight.“How did you find me anyway?” the mage finished fighting the urge to let his frustration show.Tilting her head as if she were trying to decide if he was daft for asking, Acheri waved off the question with a hand as she answered, “It is Kolban who will decide when to reveal himself.We are just byproducts of his rebirth.We don’t count, so I can go where I want, when I want.As to that, my bodyguard isn’t coming along as my brother had hoped.”Lanquer ground his teeth angrily and leaned against the wall hard with his shoulders.Acheri ignored her half brother saying, “Lanquer is still a boy, thin and building strength.As a swordsman, he is clumsy and slow.We need someone to teach him how to use his talents properly.He can hardly be a guardian in his present state, so we have come to you since you are currently the only one with your particular skills in both the sword and magic.”“There are better teachers than me here, I am sure.I was training two warlocks this fall and they never became better than novices with their weapons.You might want to reconsider.”Giving a sniff of disapproval, Acheri looked every bit the princess talking to a servant.“My brother, the emperor, has decided that it will be you.If you continue to protest, I can have you dragged off to a prison or worse, and I wouldn’t like to do that at all [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]