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.There was just something fundamentally sexy about the woman in his arms.He shifted when one of Kyra’s talented hands left his back and slid between them with no hesitation at all.Peyton gave himself a minute to enjoy what she was doing before breaking the intimacy with words that badly needed to be said.“Is that the same hand you used to punch Brad?”He was disappointed when her hand dropped away from what she had been doing, but he understood.“I know you told me not to, but the guys couldn’t stop talking about it, so I replayed the whole recording.What Jackson did to you—his deception as a lover and his complicity in hurting you—it was all wrong, Kyra.That night wasn’t about your ex-husband’s changing sexual preferences—that was just about greed and control.You know that, right? All those men conspired against you when you were vulnerable.”“Yes.Intellectually, I know that’s exactly what happened,” Kyra agreed.Peyton reached down and lifted her chin with one hand until she was looking at him.He used his other hand to guide one of hers back to his erection.“Your past makes no difference to me.Your hand is wrapped around the best proof.But mostly I’m glad you didn’t let what happened break you.If you had, we wouldn’t be here naked together and about to have shower sex for the first time.”Kyra laughed even as she sobbed.“You sound awfully sure about our sexual future in the next ten minutes or so, Captain Elliott.I don’t like men very much right now.”“Good thing I’m still a cyborg then.” Peyton smiled as he lifted her by the backs of her legs which he wrapped around him.“But I think from now on, we’re going to call what we do lovemaking instead of sex.I’m ready to try making a more human type of connection.How about you?”Kyra sniffled a little harder as Peyton backed her up against the shower wall, but she still helped him navigate his way into her.Instead of moving though, he held her completely still on him.She lifted her questioning gaze to his.“What are you waiting for? I feel you throbbing inside me.”Peyton put his forehead against Kyra’s.“Well, that’s the most amazing thing about doing this with you, Doc.I’m not waiting for anything anymore.I don’t how it happened, but I found everything in you I’m ever going to need.Do you think what I’m feeling about you could be love? I’d like to say that to you, but I was waiting until I was sure.This feeling isn’t rational enough to be defined and measured.It hurts my brain—but in a good way.”Kyra sighed and leaned forward for a kiss.“Maybe this is love.We’re going to have to do a lot of research before I can be sure myself.Fortunately, I have some experiments in mind that can test your theory.Want to volunteer your services in my science lab?” She squeezed around him as tightly as she could.Laughing at her metaphor, Peyton withdrew a little and slid home again.Every stroke was more thrilling than the last.It was complete acceptance.and yet also choice.“How about I volunteer for the rest of our lives together—however long that ends up being?”“Is that some sort of cyborg inspired marriage proposal, Captain Elliott?” Kyra heard herself panting heavily as she asked the question.Peyton shook his head, slinging water off them both as he picked up speed.“No.We’re already married.I just want us to stay that way no matter what kind of status change you manage to wrangle for Cyber Husbands who want out of their deals.”“Umm.if you’re sure staying is what you want.”“Doc—you’re what I’ve wanted since I laid my cybernetic eyes on you.”Kyra nodded at her good fortune, closed her very human eyes, and gave her worried mind over to how amazing Peyton was making her feel.Chapter 20“Why can’t I just wear my lab coat over regular clothes?” Kyra protested.Peyton looked away to hide his grin.“Because you look badass in your apprehension gear.Wear the speak-through too.They’ll think you’re talking to someone about them.”“Why is black the color of our gear? Why not brown or gray? Those are the colors of most landscapes.You don’t see black on anything except old pavement and there’s not much of that left.Land vehicles are used only in third world countries now.Peyton? Are you still listening to me?”Peyton laughed at her chastising tone.“Yes, Doc.You know damn well the Cyber Husband chip won’t let me tune you out completely.Even without pain, it flashes lights through my brain every time you fuss at me.Now to answer your question—black clothing never gets noticed unless it’s a short dress on a tall woman wearing four-inch heels.”Kyra sighed.He always answered her, but sometimes she still didn’t understand what he was saying.But this wasn’t one of those times.Sighing, she made a mental note to look for a short black dress and four-inch torture devices to match.Maybe she had some in her old closet.She didn’t remember.At least she wouldn’t have to dumb down her conversation for him.“Okay, Captain Elliott.I get your point.I’ll wear the black clothes.”She watched as Peyton stopped what he was doing and froze.Since the other five cyborgs had become a part of their daily lives, his freeze-ups happened often.But she’d learned it was just him centering his attention on their wireless communication [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]