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.Or Commander Jet’s for that matter.She didn’t tolerate disrespect of any sort, but she was especially intolerant of anything said about Lieutenant Zade.“Didn’t Peace Keeper Looren used to be fair-haired and slender?” one asked.“I always liked fair-haired and slender females best.”Karr laughed and snorted.“Obviously you haven’t known many females if you are surprised by a radical change in one’s appearance.”“Yes, well at least I’m not in mating heat for Ensign Ador,” he said in rebuttal.Karr sighed.It was true.He favored the Sumerian.But no way in Kellnor was he challenging the Doctor for her.The giant Greggor would literally break him in half.“We do need more females on this ship,” Karr declared, frowning.The other two laughed and nodded as they headed out into the docking bay to their posts.Chapter 24Kefira woke thanking the Creators for her continued life and to find a demon guarding her.In some circumstances, that fact would have caused her great alarm.His approving smile swept all the concern away, and then she recognized his energy.It made her smile even more.“Good to see you survived your ordeal,” Malachi said softly, standing up.“What assistance do you require?”“The pain is mostly gone,” Kefira said.Malachi bowed his head.“Also good to hear.We kept you sedated while we removed the wires.It seemed you had suffered enough.”“I am grateful.Where is the female who rescued me?”“Boca? Ensign Ador is helping the doctor work on some wounded crew members,” Malachi said, frowning as he searched for the com chart.He needed to log her vital signs now that she was awake.“Yes, the doctor—I remember him as well.He helped break me out and then carried me to safety,” Kefira reported.“Yes, that’s right.Looks like your memories are intact,” Malachi said dryly, coding information into the unit.“Your name is Malachi.You’re a servant of the Creators,” Kefira announced.“Yes.I see it all very clearly now.”Malachi laughed harshly.“It is a truth.I am forced to serve them.”“Forced? That seems a very harsh term for such a great privilege,” Kefira said kindly.“It seems like an appropriate term to me,” Malachi said.“I wish to ask you for something, Malachi,” Kefira announced.“You can ask.However, I don’t assist in waste evacuation.I’ll get one of the junior medics to help you.”Kefira laughed.“None of that help is needed, but thank you.You are very amusing.”“I doubt many find me so,” Malachi answered, his tone dry.“What is your question? Ask quickly.I need to fetch the doctor to check you.”“I wish you to come inside me and remove my memories of being wired.They are blocking the use of my other abilities,” Kefira said.Malachi laid the com unit on the medical table at her feet.“You did say you knew I was a demon, right?”Kefira nodded.“Then you should know that once I’m given access to an entity, I can read their thoughts and intentions also? This is not something I can choose or not choose to do.It is simply how a demon functions.Our energies would unite.”“I understand,” Kefira said.“This is a necessary measure for me.”Malachi thought about it for a few moments, wondering if he should discuss the request with Ania and Liam first.After all, this was the high ambassador’s daughter, not the average ambassador they were used to saving.And she had a very unusual energy signature herself.“Please let this request remain between us.None will know of your aide to me, and neither of your masters would mind if they knew it was at my request.I can repay your service to me with service to your crew.It is the least I can do after all of you helped preserve my unbreached state.”“You may not feel unbreached after I’ve been inside you as demon mist.I carry the energy of others I have collected over time.While I can shield you from the worst of it, a little evil always leaks through.Each entity retains what I unavoidably end up leaving behind,” Malachi warned.“May the Creators will be done,” Kefira said quietly.“You’re even more fanatical about them than Zade,” Malachi declared.“Very well.I am inclined to do your bidding.Prepare yourself.”Kefira closed her eyes, feeling a sudden cold sensation as the demon came into her.Then her spirit lightened.The trauma of what the Lotharians had done to her suddenly didn’t seem to matter as much [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]