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.“Well the shit hurts like hell and I am at a total loss without him.”“I can only imagine, and I repeat imagine, what you are going through and I guess it can be hard to have someone there oneminute and gone the next, but in all honesty Tyrin this is your fault and I can’t pacify you too much because you brought this on yourself.”“And that is the other thing that is pissing me off.What the hell was I thinking? No nigga was worth losing Khalil.I don’t even know where that little motherfucker is and he has fucked my life up completely.Spencer this is a fucked up situation I am in.”“You right about that,” he confirmed as the telephone rang and he inadvertently answered it without checking the caller id.“Hello”“Wassup man, I’m downstairs, buzz me up.” Khalil said into the receiver.“You’re downstairs now?” Spencer nervously asked.“Yes fool.Throw a robe on and buzz me up.”“OK.” He buzzed Khalil in and looked at Tyrin.“You have to go.Now!”“Why what’s wrong?”“Khalil is about to walk through that door in about two minutes! You gotta go!” Spencer exclaimed as he hurriedly tried to remove Tyrin from the couch and push him toward the door.“Can you move a little faster please?”“No.I need to see him and clear all this up.” he calmly responded.“Not the fuck in here you don’t! Tyrin I will fight you my damn self if you don’t get out of my house.”“This is the perfect opportunity for us to discuss things face to face.Calm down, I can handle Khalil.”“You can handle Khalil? What the fuck you mean you can handle Khalil? He hates you and if he sees you here, he will hate me too.Tyrin, get the fuck out!” Spencer nervously stood in the middle of the floor and watched Tyrin unflinchingly sit on the couch and take another sip of his Vodka and Cranberry.“Tyrin, I am begging you to please not do this today.I am not in the mood for all this bullshit.”“Why don’t you go into the bedroom and I will handle the rest.I don’t know why you’re stressing yourself out.This is between me and Khalil and I’m about to work it all out.This is God’s way of answering my prayer.”“Are you thinking before you talk? You are really losing it man.”“What else can I do?”The knock at the door stopped Spencer’s heart and he stood paralyzed in the middle of the room hoping that this was all a dream.He looked at Tyrin calmly sitting on the couch unmoved by the unnerving situation and with all that was simultaneously going on he could not find the strength to place one foot in front of the other.The knock came again and before he could react to it, Tyrin was already on his feet heading to answer it like he was owner of the residence.“Oh my God” were the only words that Spencer could force out of his mouth.As he tried to pace his breathing he almost passed out when he saw Tyrin’s hand touch and turn the doorknob.Khalil stood in the hallway wondering what was taking Spencer so long to open the door.He was growing a bit anxious because on top of all that he just experienced at church with Tyrin, he wasn’t in the most patient mood.He let out a sigh when he heard the door about to be opened and relaxed a bit because he knew Spencer was about to turn his traumatic post church experience into a sitcom.The lunch with Corny was much needed and filled with the right advice, but Spencer always had a knack of helping him deal with his problems in from entirely different perspective.The door opened and instead of being greeted by his best friend, he was welcomed by the face he was growing to hate.He was instantly filled with anger as he stared Tyrin in the face but then it dawned on him that this was not even a location in which he expected to see his whorish ex-boyfriend.He tried his best to come to a reasonable explanation within the five second lapse of time he spent in shock.The air was thick and neither of them knew what the other was thinking, but they were both certain that it was awkward.Tyrin decided to test the waters, so he cracked a perfect smile and with a soothing voice of comfort said, “I am so glad you are here.Come in because I need to apologize for what happened earlier.”“Are you motherfucking kidding me?” Khalil snapped.“What the fuck are you doing here and where the fuck is Spencer?”“He’s in here; we were just having a few drinks.Come on in,” Tyrin calmly replied [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]