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.The loft covering had been removed.“What now?” Sauer asked Hobbs.The captain waved his hand at Sauer, indicating that he must relax.Then Hobbs pointed to the ceiling and mouthed, “He is up there.”There they sat on their haunches, looking at the loft opening.Nothing stirred.All was quiet.On a stake-out, a few minutes feels like an hour.A soft shuffle came from the loft.It made both detectives stand up straight, barrels pointing at the loft opening.Hobbs turned to Sauer and whispered, “I’ll climb up.”“No, I will go up.You are too personally involved,” Sauer mouthed back at Hobbs.Hobbs’s eyes trailed down Sauer’s body.“You are too fat to fit through the damn trap door!”Hobbs climbed onto the side of the bath.The top of the hot water heater was dust free, indicating frequent use.He gave his gun to Sauer and inched himself onto it.He peeked through the loft.It was pitch-dark.He lowered himself and indicated to Sauer that he wanted his gun.He then scaled the heater further.Sauer stood in stillness as Hobbs disappeared through the loft door.Hobbs lay silently in the loft for a moment, orientating himself and listening for sounds.He was sure Henry must have heard him.He deliberately slowed his breathing down to calm himself.The soft shoveling sound came from behind him.Hobbs unstrapped his flashlight from his shoulder and flicked it on.The flashlight threw beams of light straight onto the handsome face of Henry James Harper.The killer was but a few meters away from Hobbs.Henry froze.Hobbs’s first thought was the absolute innocence on the face.The eyes were the color of the sea on a calm day.His thick hair was pitch-black.Hobbs cocked the shotgun.Henry did not move.He stared straight into the flash light, like a trapped rabbit.“I found him,” Hobbs shouted at Sauer.“Tell the bastard to come down or I will break this ceiling apart and fetch him myself,” bellowed Sauer.The light beam never left Henry’s face and he did not budge once.“I want you to crawl towards me.” Hobbs’s voice was cold and calm.Henry did not move.“I said,” Hobbs repeated louder, “that I want you to crawl towards me.Now!”A slight smile appeared on Henry’s face.“He is not moving!” Hobbs screamed at Sauer.A deafening sound ripped the ceiling apart.In the small beam of light and the dust, Hobbs failed to see the shotgun behind Henry’s back.A second shot followed.Each shot missed Hobbs by a few inches.Pieces of ceiling and plaster floated all over the bathroom down onto Sauer.“What the fuck is happening up there?” Sauer screamed.“He shot my flashlight out,” screamed Hobbs.“Get the fuck down from there…” Sauer screamed at Hobbs.Hobbs fell face first through the loft.He landed on the toilet.His shotgun clattered into the bath.Sauer’s eyes never left the loft opening.“You can do nothing to me,” Henry said in a deep voice.“I am insane.” He gave a mock laugh.Sauer placed his shotgun on his shoulder, aimed the barrel in the direction of the voice and pulled the trigger.Huge pieces of ceiling collapsed exposing roof beams.“You better come down, or I will shoot you down,” Sauer growled and reloaded his shot gun.Hobbs struggled up and picked up his shotgun.Two more shots ripped into the ceiling.In the loft, Henry held his head between his arms with each shot as the debris flew over him.“He is crawling into the direction of the living room,” Hobbs shouted as he heard the killer crawling over the roof beams.Sauer ran through the kitchen, down the hall and stepped on the old woman.She groaned.In the living room, Sauer took a deep breath to silence his heartbeat, listening for any sound.His shotgun was trained at the ceiling.He waited for noises.Hobbs stood halfway down the hall.As his heartbeat quieted, Sauer could hear faint cursing.“Where are you?” he screamed into the dark.“You better come down.If I have to come get you, you will sure go out this door, feet first.”“You can’t do anything to me,” Henry replied from the dark, “I am insane.You can’t kill an insane man.”“Watch me,” shouted Sauer as he pumped two more bullets into the roof.Henry screamed.He must have gotten hit.“You shot him in the leg,” Hobbs shouted from the hall.Through the broken ceiling he saw Henry clutching a bloodied foot.“Stand back,” Hobbs shouted at Sauer, “I am going to shoot the ceiling open for him to fall down.” Three shots followed in closed succession.Henry fell onto the carpet of the living room with a thud.Long before the dust settled, Henry could make out the barrel of a shotgun close to his face.Then he recognized Sauer’s face.“Get up,” Sauer commanded.“I can’t.My foot hurts.”“Get up, you dumb fuck!”Henry struggled to his feet.Sauer saw that the wound to his foot was not serious.“Why are you naked?” Sauer commanded again.“It’s better this way.”“Better for what and whom? So your cellmates will have easier access to your lily-white ass?”Hobbs stood behind Henry.His gun was also trained on the killer.Henry’s eyes became darker as he eyed Hobbs.“Why don’t you just leave me alone?” he asked.“I am insane.”“Now, why would we do that?” Sauer said sarcastically “Maybe because we want the desperate and lonely women out there to sleep well.”Henry laughed out loud.“They will never lock me up.They all think I am insane.I am a monster.Look at this.Look where I grew up.What will the courts think? ‘Poor boy—adopted by monsters, abused, used, molested, terrorized’…I will give the court a great spiel about poor little me.Besides, have you forgotten that I have a hot advocate on my side? They will never lock me up.” Henry laughed [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]