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.“I’m not the one who’s obsessed with him,” Felix shouted, shaking him.Cristian rocked back on his heels.He gaped at Felix, stunned speechless, but only for a moment.“What did you say?” he snarled.“It’s true.He’s all you ever think about.Everything you do is in reaction to him, the way you dress, the way you cut your hair— the way you act, my God, Cristian, you haven’t been yourself in ages.We live out here in the middle of nowhere because you’re so damned scared of being reminded of him.So don’t tell me I’m the one who’s preoccupied with the man.” He bunched Cristian’s shirt up in his fists.“All I am is terrified.Every time you hear that man’s name, you go cold, and I can’t stand it.I love you, and I count myself lucky any time I can convince you to let me touch you.”He released Cristian abruptly, as though he’d only just realized that he was touching him, and perhaps a little harshly.“I was afraid,” he said savagely.“That you’d get wind of this latest goddamn scandal, and then I may as well move myself into one of the guest rooms, because I sure as hell wouldn’t be getting any action from you at all anymore.” His hands fisted at his sides, opened wide, then fisted again.“I just didn’t want that to happen again.It kills me a little more, every time.”Cristian stared at him for a long moment.His heart pounded like it was going to burst out of his chest.“That’s bullshit,” he snarled.“If you don’t like who I am—”“I love who you are,” Felix said, his voice throbbing.“I just wish you did, too.”Cristian jerked back, then spun away.“Don’t give me that.” His voice lashed out as he stalked for the stairs.“That’s a load of crap.I’m just fine with who I am.”Felix followed after him.“Really? You’re just fine with the fact that your Adrien Grant’s clone?”Cristian froze halfway up the stairs.He spun and stared down at Felix, who was a few steps below him.“Could have fooled me,” Felix said softly.“You know how I feel.” Cristian kept his voice low and savage.“I hate that man, Felix.And now you’re reading trash about him, and trying to get me to tie you up, just because it’s something he might like? God!” Just the idea of it made Cristian flinch back.“If you loved me at all, you’d—”Felix didn’t say a thing, but the intensity of his stare suddenly hardened, and it cut Cristian off as effectively as a harsh word.“If I love you.” Felix rubbed his hand over his mouth, then fisted it in the hair at his nape.“God, Cristy.If you doubt that—” His voice broke.He shut his eyes, took a moment.When he opened them again, it was like he’d pulled a curtain up between them.“I guess you’d better figure that out, hadn’t you?” He spun, continued back downstairs, and strode across the foyer and all the way out the front door.Cristian stood frozen halfway up the flight of stairs.He didn’t stop Felix, and he didn’t chase after him.* * * The six hour flight to Badajoz left Adrien wanting nothing more than a hot shower and a long nap in a proper bed.He paid a skycap at the airport to carry his bags, and made his way to the rental car service to pick up the vehicle Amber had reserved for him.“There’s been a mistake,” he said when the agent brought the car up for him.Adrien crouched and looked through the tinted windows, at the steering wheel and controls that cluttered the interior.“I requested a vehicle with autodrive.”“Of course, sir.But we were given to understand that you were traveling out to Caceres, and I’m afraid the network infrastructure doesn’t extend up into the hills yet.You won’t get farther than Mérida with autodrive.”So much for catching some sleep on the drive in.Adrien waved away the man’s explanations and slid behind the wheel.Movement in the rearview mirror caught his attention.A man with a camera approached the car, trying to swing around so that he could get pictures through the window.Adrien slammed the car into gear and punched the gas.It growled responsively beneath him and rocketed away, leaving the photographer far behind him [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]