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.It is so beautiful to know.I do always know how always I canThough never you sing my praise.Yet upon such only shown, such onlyAs sun upon its only throne.But always to sun there is to always canTo always can flawlessly.So I do always know alwayslyYour flawless grace and glow.And however lawlessly you speakYou speak from an always throneAnd your alwaysness the loveliest GreekSince flawless Helen shone faithlessly.257There was a perfect tree.There was a perfect fruit.Around it curledBeautiful Lucifer!There was a perfect man.There was a perfect woman.But beautiful EvePassioned for the fruit.Beautiful Lucifer held it.Beautiful Eve took it!The perfect womanPassed the fruit to Adam.Beautiful Lucifer hid now!Beautiful God wrathed now.Adam and EveBirthed the world now.258Complexity’s unity—That is Simplicity.To be simple inThe uncomplexIs no attainment.The compliment is inThe complex achievingThe slender musical vertex.PHILOSOPHICA259All in the name of you whom I loveTerribly not.Therefore I love you.I love you very undearly.I love you most impossibly.Then the marriage of our true minds mustCertainly be not.Therefore we must get married.We must get married in great delay.We must get married as soon as not possible.And as soon as the year is not overTo unname the childAnd unbaptize him for his dear sake.We will give a party for whoeverWill not be there.260The preliminary is the beginning dissolution.The skeleton is final.The desolation is royal.Chemistry will indefine all solutionAs it will define all insolution.Or very nearly until the end has ceasedTo be an end and become a major beginning.Instruction here promotes prophecy.And the skeleton in adulteryIs the trick called eternity.261Exactly what is unexactIn unexactness is exact:Exactness unstatic,Precision elastic.What princelier factExhibits subtler tactThan this exactnessOf subtle unexactness?262When God my darling turned adulterousI knew Who and When.Since I loved I forgave.Since I forgave I could not forgive.For He was beyond forgiving, being God,However adulterous.Since He was so, He forgave.Since He forgave He could not forgive.And we were at a standstill—God and I and forgiveness at a standstill.Until I knelt to Him I could not forgiveUntil He knelt to me He could not forgive.And the lesson of it is very greatAnd that is “How beautiful is hate.”263Observe me.I do not speak.But I am very quickAnd already I have spoken.Observe me as now I speak.But I am very quickAnd already I have unspoken.264From the beginning it has been the ending.From the beginning it has been end-conjuring.From the beginning we move dispersingTo the unity of the end.The soul knowsWhat it cannot know.It knowsWhere it cannot go.It knowsIt like a quiet lawIt knowsIt and does not know.Knowledge of the unknowledge!The mind at the obscure ledgeOf Beginning-Ending.The mindReaching forward to reach Behind.265The standstillness of unthoughtInto the fury of thought:The mind, perceptor,Becomes preceptor.And maddens to establish boundariesSay, This is thoughtThis not thought…But it is Unthought all the time,The Diamond,Each facet of which is thought.266If it is again futurityIt is only until.Or nearly so.If it is to be undressedIt is only transpositionFrom now to thenOr no to yes.What becomes clearly unseenIs the great sheenOf so much energyThe dramaturgy of whichNowness bewitches.Its noneness charms!Its clownness mocks.Or nearly until.267I am earlier than todayAnd transpose FuturityTo Now.Eventually will come LaterBut I made it now.Transposer announcingSo no later marvelling.The Future to me is NowFor I came earlier.My earliness can pictureYour mouths corruptive.If you adore latenessEarliness is nothing.Punctuality of latenessBeing Now-decomposing.268Now is the speech of TomorrowIn certain mouths.A certain Ghost is EternityWho, as we walk herward,Walks usward,Speaks nowward.Un-ears and un-eyesStand in disbelief and surprise.The law of their clock is riven.The law of their orbit is broken.This speech is misshapen!Wherefore, sharpen sharpenYour claws O fellow citizens:You have work to doYou have crosses to rearYou have history to smear.269Looking into the least mirrorThe face should crackDid not the ego hold it up together!And seeing it whole we pauseTo venerate that face—The art of vanity is thePutting a broken face togetherA no-face into semblance of faceThe not-portrait so lifelike!The art of the mirror isTo not-crack with anger or laughterTo suffer image-inflictionWith humilityAnd even join the eyes’Chorus of approbation.270A certain morning isAny morning withA certain event.Any morning is uncertainUntil that event.And the event itself uncertainUntil it has passed uncertainty.Such a morning is certain thenAnd reference can be made to it.As the Creation MorningWhose certainty has lapsed to uncertainty.Or the Day for DoomWhose uncertainty has lapsed to certainty.Any certain morningLavishes joy or mourning.Any uncertain morningDoes the same.Certainty and uncertaintyTwo sides of the same flame.271My portrait is my not-faceMy portrait has this grace:Where is your portraitThat has no face?Your faces have no portraitsMy portrait has no face:Between your face and my faceGod’s portrait graciously waits.Where are your beautiful portraits?Your portraits without faces?What is a portraitIf it is only a face.272When what cannot run runsWhat is run is not run:It is not poetry and its resemblanceIs the wrong countenance.That which is real runs a distanceBeyond unrunning; at itsOnset is already there.This alone is poetry.And what it has run has noUnravelling, however one may try.Its countenance is sure and firm:Itself its only resemblance.273Your profundity is very lightMy lightness is very profound.How so?Impossible to know.Difference is in the difference.Impossibility to knowBut with the straightest inferenceOf the vital difference.Not known, not defined,Not even outlined.But as your profundity movesItself disproves.Now my lightness playsAnd ends to amaze:And the amaze is profoundOver my peculiar ground.from APPASSIONATA: POEMS IN PRAISE OF LOVE (1979)274To a Lady Going to AntipoloIn Antipolo there will be many young men who will come to you.You will like them because their tongues will be honeyed and their feet light.You will forget me.I shall be forgotten by you whom I cannot forget.As you forget me I shall tap my fingers on my breast, calling for you.I shall talk to you through trees, through the arms of dancers, through sweet words uttered by many lovers.The arms of dancers round you shall be my arms.The eyes of men admiring you shall be my eyes.I have many arms, many eyes.It is that, loving you, I have become many lovers.In fancy, because I do not want other men’s arms about you, I have made the many dancers myself.As they clasp you round the waist, it shall be I holding you.The words of love they shall tell you are not theirs but mine.I am many lovers.For you, if you also love me, you will find me in many dancers, in their bodies, in their words.I am many lovers because I love you.275To ensnare a proud loveThe heart must keep cool, keep cool;Not the heart must moveTo ensnare a love so beautiful [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]