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.”“You mean you won’t tell me anything else,” I said bitterly.“I thought we were friends.Is Roger there?”“No, no one’s here.And we are friends.One day, you’ll understand.”DUET IN BLOODJ.P.Bowie101The line went dead.“Fuck this!” I yelled, throwing the phone across the room.“Oh no,”I moaned.“I need you.” I ran to pick it up and breathed a sigh of relief to hear it still had a dial tone.Okay, what now?Marcus and Jean-Claude had gone to Paris to look for Joseph.They must have hadsome kind of tip as to his whereabouts.Jeez, but I wished I’d had that same tip.I could fly to Paris and look for him myself.Not exactly the way I had envisioned Joseph and I in Paris together, but if it meant finding him and being with him, it would be worth it.I glanced down at the shirt button I’d laid on the end table by the couch.Whose button was this? I wondered.I knew it wasn’t one of mine.How had it ended up in my hand? I picked it up and looked at it closely.There were one or two threads hanging from it—it had been torn from someone’s shirt.It had been in my hand.I had torn it off? But from whose shirt and when? That same nagging suspicion that someone had been here in my apartment pricked at my mind.Someone I’d struggled with, tearing off a button, knocking over the magazine rack? Man, but this made no sense.Wait, someone had knocked at my door.I’d thought it was Rhonda, but it had been—Dammit, but I just couldn’t remember.I looked at my watch—almost seven.I sighed.Time to get ready for work.It was still dark outside.I wondered if Roger was an early riser.Maybe he’d tell me more than Ron would.Oh, what the hell, I thought, dialling his cell number.He had said I could call him anytime.“Hello?” He sounded sleepy.“Sorry, Roger.It’s Micah.Did I wake you?”“No, I was just going to bed actually.”“You were?”“Yeah…oh…uh…yeah.I’ve been up all night…uh…Marcus went to Paris with Jean-Claude.”“Right.Ron told me.I guess you took them to the airport?”“Uh…yeah…the airport.I did that.”“You sound funny.”“I do? Uh…just tired, I guess.” He paused for a moment, then asked, “How are you doing?”DUET IN BLOODJ.P.Bowie102“Worried about Joseph…and I think someone was in my apartment earlier, but mymind’s a blank on the whole thing.So weird.”“Micah…” Roger’s voice was gentle.“Everything’s going to be all right.Marcus knows where Joseph is.”“He does?” I felt my heart surge with relief.“Oh, that’s so great! Where is he? How did Marcus manage to find out?”“Uh…Joseph called.He’d been in an accident.But he’s all right so don’t worry.They’ll all be back tomorrow, I’m sure.”“That’s the greatest news I’ve had in days,” I said, happily.“Let me know what time they’re getting in.I want to be at the airport to meet Joseph.”“Yeah…you bet.I’ll call you when I know what flight they’re on.” He yawned in my ear.“Gotta go to bed.I’ll call you later, okay?”“Sure.I’ll be at the bookstore.”“Okay.Don’t work too hard.Bye.”“Bye…and thanks for the good news.”I put down the phone, a big smile on my face.Yeah… Joseph was coming home, and I could hardly wait!* * * *JosephMy mind was being battered and assailed it seemed from all directions.The wizards had decreased the power of the barrier built to prevent Marcus from discovering where they held me.I could feel his mind probing mine, while I fought with every vestige of power in me to block his mental connection.He must not discover where I was, for then he would attempt a rescue and fall into the trap that awaited him.Angelo, along with Gragon, the wizard whose bones I had threatened to grind into the dust, stood before me, their eyes blazing with hatred.They knew what I was doing, and they had burst into my cell, ready to render me incapable of further impeding their plans.DUET IN BLOODJ.P.Bowie103“Joseph,” Angelo hissed at me.“You are merely wasting everyone’s time.The end is inevitable.Cease your interference, before we are forced to kill you.”“Kill me then,” I answered through gritted teeth.The strain of having to use so much of my power to block Marcus’ mind probe intensified as I had to divert some of my power in order to speak with them.“Kill me and your trap dies with me.”Grunting an angry curse, Gragon pushed Angelo aside and stood over me.His vileodour made me want to retch.“You will cooperate with us, Vampire, or you will die.Think not that your death will stop Marcus Verano from breaching the barrier.He will want to avenge you, and in doing so, will seal his fate.” He turned to Angelo.“Kill him…now.”“Wait.” Angelo gave me a wicked smile.“His death must be in sacrifice.Not here, unseen by all.He and Marcus must die together, before all the Wizard Brotherhood.Only then is our vengeance complete.Joseph has one weakness we have not as yet used.”“The mortal?” Gragon shrugged.“To bring him here will take time.”“We have time.All the time we ever could need.” Angelo knelt by my side, his fingers caressing my face.His touch made me want to tear open his throat.He chuckled as he read my thoughts.“Ah, dear Joseph…you should thank me.You are about to be reunited with the young mortal whom you love.Will that not make you the happiest vampire in all the world?” His laughter mocked me.“At least for an hour or two…”“You will not do this,” I seethed, my mouth filled with the bile his touch had evoked in me.“How can you prevent it?” He rose quickly and strode from the cell, leaving Gragon and I alone.“A pity for the pretty mortal,” he said, sneering down at me.“You could haveprevented this, were it not for your arrogance.”“Wait,” I pleaded.“I’ll do anything…”“Too late, too late,” he sing-songed at me.“Ah…it will be a wondrous sacrifice.”“Marcus.” I sent out the message.The barrier has been weakened, but do not come here.It is a trap.They have allied themselves with the Dark Forces…and Marcus…they are bringing Micah here.Please help him.Now, all I could do was wait—and pray.DUET IN BLOODJ.P [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]