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.His body went rigid as he shuddered.Wave after wave swept through him.When the last tremor subsided, Dan collapsed on top of Louis’s hot body, felt the other man’s legs and arms wrap around him.Their bodies fused together with sweat and sinew.Dan reveled in the hard maleness of Louis’s body beneath his, so very different from Crissi’s soft, yielding curves, and so much better.Louis stroked a hand over his hair, then cradled the nape of his neck, the weight of his hand warm and comforting.Dan closed his eyes and nuzzled into the hollow of his collarbone.“So, was it everything you wanted it to be?” Louis’s voice reverberated from his chest into Dan’s ear.Dan lifted his face to look at him and raised an eyebrow.Louis gave a smug grin.“Yeah, that’s what I thought.”Dan rested his head again, and for one pure moment, he was blissfully content.Then worry began to nibble at the edges of this perfection.How were things going to change now? Could they sustain some sort of relationship without it impacting on the family?He rolled off of Louis and removed the used condom, wiped away the residue of come on his softening cock and concentrated on anything but the man beside him.“Oh, here we go.You’re overthinking again.I can tell.Look at me.” Only after he had Dan’s eyes on him did Louis continue.“It’s going to be okay.We didn’t do anything wrong.”“I know.I don’t regret it.It’s just, we’re going to have to keep this thing between us very private.My kids aren’t ready to see me with anyone other than their mother, certainly not with a man.They’ve been through enough changes over the past year.I’m not ready to spring some new relationship on them.”“I understand.That’s fine.”“I don’t want you to be offended if I don’t acknowledge you in a romantic way in front of them.It’s nothing personal, but—”“I said I’ve got it, Dan.It’s cool.This’ll be our secret.”Then why did it feel so wrong, as if he were sweeping Louis into a dark corner?Louis punched him lightly in the arm.“Hey, dirty little secrets are the best.Exciting.Forbidden.Sexy.”Looking into those sparkling eyes, a sharp pain and a tender, melting warmth filled Dan simultaneously.Louis was perfect—funny, sweet, great with the kids, supportive of Dan and Crissi as parents, and, oh yeah, sexy as hell, an absolutely amazing, generous lover.Without even searching for it, Dan had somehow, incredibly, stumbled into love.Or what could grow into love given half a chance.He leaned in and pressed a quick kiss to Louis’s mouth.“Thank you.For everything.”A slow smile curved Louis’s lips.“Thank you too.” His eyes grew suddenly serious.“And I want you to know I won’t let this change anything.I’m here for Liam and Cara first and foremost, whatever might happen between us.”Dan believed him, but couldn’t help the niggling voice of worry that pestered at him.Happiness couldn’t be this easy.Trouble must somehow follow.It was just a matter of time.Chapter TwelveHe’d done it again, the exact thing he’d sworn not to do on this new job, allowed sex and work to get all mixed up together, and now Louis wasn’t sure where he stood in the Krefman household.Was he just the nanny, or was he Dan’s lover? And if he stopped being one, could he still be the other?Over the years, sex had helped him get out of tight spots or improved his position in the workplace.When he was younger, he hadn’t really considered how he’d used his sexuality.Nobody got hurt.Now, for the first time, Louis was concerned.He wished he’d met Dan in some other way and earned his affection free and clear of any other obligation.But, things were what they were.He was already deeply involved and feeling things for Dan he’d never meant to.“Daydreaming, Louis?” Crissi startled him from his brooding.“Yeah.I guess so.” Louis resumed cutting crusts off Liam’s sandwich as he glanced across the kitchen at Crissi, who was pouring iced tea.“Something or someone?” Her smile dazzled.She was a national icon for good reason.That smile could light up the screen in a dark theater.“You’re acting like you’ve got a crush on someone.”He shrugged.“Could be.Not sure yet.Let’s talk about your trip.Are you ready to go? Any last-minute instructions for me?”She sighed, and the smile extinguished.“I’ve never been apart from the kids for an entire month.I’m still considering whether it’s worse for them to be separated from me for that long or to go through the upheaval of traveling overseas.”“Uzbekistan is a long way,” Louis agreed, knowing Crissi had already made her decision but needed to voice her doubts.“And a dangerous country, or parts of it anyway.I know I’m crazy to even think about having you bring them.Dan wouldn’t agree to it anyway.But I’m going to miss them so much.” She set the spoon on the counter and watched the wedge of lemon swirl around her glass.“But no matter what’s happening with the shoot, I’m flying back for Cara’s birthday.That’s a given.”“We’ll video chat every day.It’ll pass in no time,” Louis reassured her.“And don’t worry about Cara’s birthday.Dan and I will pull it off.”“You will, anyway.I trust you not to forget any details.” She set the glass on the counter.“I have to admit, Dan’s horse-ranch idea is good.So is your idea to keep it simple with only a few guests.Can you believe Cara wants to invite Beth and Brianna now?”Louis chuckled.“I’ll wait till closer to the party to finalize the invite list.Those girls could be back to being her enemies instead of new best friends.”“No doubt.Well, I’d better go work on my packing.” Crissi started to walk out of the kitchen, then stopped by Louis and gave him a swift hug.“I’m so grateful we found you [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]