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.Found-in-Grass was called over to the tipi and there found the younger sister awaiting with food as his wife, and her relatives.He himself went with his grandmother to eat the food and became part of.the chief's band.This man, Found-in-Grass, used to look after the chief's herd of ponies, and did everything for other relatives and friends.This is still the way pursued by the Indians.The man becomes a servant for the girl's relatives, and so with the girl for the man's relatives.—D.Told by Bear-Robe.Cf.Nos.139 and 141.141.—Found-in-grass.A man and wife camped alone, near the river, for hunting and trapping.The wife was pregnant, and the time for her delivery was near.One bright morning, her middle-aged husband cautioned her that she must be discreet and act conscientiously."Now, my dear wife, listen to me! If you should hear a strange noise in the distance, calling for attention, don't be persuaded to answer.I shall be gone until late this evening.Be sure that you know where you are and what you are doing.It will be for our welfare that you be obedient to a certain extent.You may know that we are alone, and the condition that you are in makes good judgment necessary," said the husband, preparing to go out of the tipi.The husband then took his bow-case and quiver of arrows and started off toward the river bottom, in search of game, while his wife was placing articles in their proper places.After she placed the things in order, she began with her quilled work on a buffalo robe, facing to the sun-beam.While she was busy at the robe there came out of th.e distance, a strange, prolonged voice, saying, "I have dropped it!'' Rut she did not answer or make any sign of attention.The strange call ceased; then, quite late in the evening, her husband returned, dropping his load and saying to his wife, 'I have brought home a beef for you.Come out and take it into the tipi." Recognizing her husband's voice, she laid aside the robe, went out, and it was her own husband standing by the beef.She congratulated him for his good luck and took the beef inside, which she at once sliced, at the same time boiling some for their supper.Both had a good meal, chatted much over their future prospects, and finally retired for the night.The next morning, this husband got up early and went to a hill just a few paces from the tipi, to look for game.His wife had in the mean time made the fire and soon had some tender meat boiled in the pot.The husband returned to the tipi and told her that the atmosphere was so clear he could see objects at a great distance, saying, ''I am sure that I can get antelope and other game located more readily to-day than yesterday," taking his dish of good fresh meat."I hope that you will be lucky to-day and be able to come home sooner.Oh! I do wish you would bear in mind to come home early!" said his wife, dipping the meat in the broth, chewing the same and swallowing it."Yes, I shall try and come home soon," said he, asking for more meat."Well, dear wife, listen to me again! Remember that you will be alone to-day.Don't answer any strange voice during my absence.Be attentive to your usual work and always act with good judgment," said he.as he was getting ready for the hunt.So he started off on another course and carried his bow-case and quiver of arrows, looking around as he went.His wife, after doing the chores inside and hanging the sliced meat on a pole inside, took the robe again and began to quill.She was working on the robe to finish it before her delivery so that she had made a luncheon at noon on good muscle, with delicious marrow.Late in the afternoon, as she was yet at the buffalo robe, there came out again that strange voice, saying in long drawn out tone, ' I have dropped it." But she did not give attention, but kept on with the quilled work.There was no further calling and there was great tranquillity, except for the singing of the birds in the distant woods and hills.The sun as it set, gave a beautiful color to the sky and upon the tipi.Just a little after dark, there came footsteps in front of the tipi.' I have brought home for you a beef.Come out and take it inside,'"" said the husband, dropping it on the ground.Recognizing the voice again, she went out carefully and it was her own husband.She then took the fresh beef (antelope) inside, and congratulated her husband for his luck."Well, dear wife, I want you to be neat with the robe.Please fold it nicely and lay it aside, before your hands are dirty.'' said he."Oh, excuse me! I was so glad to hear your voice that I rushed for the door, forgetting to lay the robe aside," said she, folding the buffalo robe and placing it behind their bed."I was so uneasy about you, for it is unusually late for you," said she, placing the pot over the fire.' Well, wife, I wanted to kill a fat one to-day, therefore I would not look at small game until I got that animal," said he, while his wife placed sliced meat into the kettle to boil.The husband lay down on the bed and crossed his legs and told his wife about his trip in the woods and mountains.The wife, too, said that she was anxious to finish the robe, so that she could do another kind of work.The meat was done and both ate their supper, thankful that they were being blessed and protected so far.The wife, being quite expert at slicing the meat, soon finished half the beef and hung it on a pole inside.After chatting and pleasing signs from the wife, they retired for the night.The husband told a tale to his wife, which was to her a lesson of humanity.The next morning the husband went out before breakfast to spy for game near their camp surroundings, while his dear wife (so heavy) started the fire and sliced up some tenderloin meat and put it in the kettle to boil.The husband returned; told his wife that the day was beautiful, for the birds and animals in the woods and mountains made melody."Yes, I hope that you will be lucky to-day, and kill enough to complete your shirt and leggings," said she, taking out the meat from the pot."Well, it is my aim to get ourselves well supplied with buckskin and buffalo hides, and to store qantities of good dry beef in your parflcches," said he, as he swallowed the piece of meat.After they had eaten their breakfast, both of course painted their faces for the day's protection, prepared themselves-with utensils for the day's work, etc.' My dear wife, I can t help but repeat the same caution, for I do love you.I want you to be careful to-day, and if you should hear any strange voice calling for your attention and it -is near our tipi, don't give your attention to it.It is my duty to warn you against any kind of danger," said he, taking his bow-case and quiver of arrows.The wife, knowing that her husband meant what he said, decided to be just with him, and said nothing, showing him a disposition of obedience.So he started off again on another course, walking briskly and coughing as he went, to remind his wife of his remarks.The wife, after doing the chores inside and outside, took the robe again, which was nearly finished, and sat down to quill it.She was quilling the robe so quietly and faithfully that she had no time to cook for her dinner, but took a cold luncheon of remnants from breakfast.Late in the afternoon again, there came a strange and distinct voice by the side of the tipi, saying in a long and plain tone, "I have dropped it [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]